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Wars of Liberty expanded Age of Empires III's original concept of cultures by adding five new ones. We're also in the process of adding even more cultures: the Middle Easterners and the Polynesians. A culture is a set of civilizations that shares a number of characteristics that can range from units and buildingsets to gameplay mechanics such as styles of aging up. They generally represent a specific geographical region. Choose a culture below to read more about it and the civilizations it includes:

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We noticed how Ensemble Studios introduced its new civilizations in the expansions: as cultures. The Asians, for example, share a lot of similarities but are very different from the Europeans. Following that logic, Wars of Liberty introduces five new cultures, and adds civilizations to the original ones.

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  • Each culture has a unique age up system
  • Each culture also has a "cultural building" that performs a unique function
  • Sometimes we will add civilizations that don't match any culture: we call them the Standalones

each civilization has its own unique gameplay that will turn Age of Empires III into a great new RTS experience

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