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Mooing Cow
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Found a fix for out of sync

Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:28 am

Hello guys. I am posting here to inform that recently i managed to find a fix for out of sync, more specifically those that happened during the very start of a multiplayer match.

Our situation:
2x2 game, me and a friend against two AIs.
Always out of sync when playing against AIs. Happens a few seconds in game (less than 10 seconds in). 100% of the times we tried.
My friend's pc is much slower than mine, so we figured that his computer takes longer to load the game than mine, and consequently, to process what is going on.

After a lot of trying, we found a solution, all we needed to do was not do anything at all until the match ran 20 seconds in.
We check the in-game time counter until it hits 20 seconds before we start clicking around.
That was it, it ran perfectly fine 100% of the times.
We also tried with 15 seconds, also working.
We are currently lowering that time to see how many seconds we really need to not do anything for things to work.
And i really mean not do anything at all, do not press anything or click anything.

This might or might not work for you. Also, this is only for those who are having problems with out of sync during the start of the game. I do not believe it helps if you had it halfway through the game (we never had any of those). Give a try yourselves. Good luck.

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