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Re: AI game (or at least a try)

Fri May 17, 2019 10:53 pm

Finally, I’ve found a dead moment to write! (not really, it’s just that I didn’t plan a lot for today) I had a field trip yesterday that lasted 14 hours, so I could use some light like this before preparing myself for the exams.
This will be the start of the second round matchups. For those who don’t know what this is about, or for those who forgot who fights who, go to the first two posts of this thread and you will be answered.
Portugal VS Argentina
I bet on Portugal that they will win. Why? Spam Ordonenza and the Argentinean vils are dead. The cavalry tag on them does more harm than good, but at least they benefit from the Riding School, giving Argentina nice booming potential. With that, I’m afraid that’s going to be history, so the cavalry tag will get reduced to being a nuisance for the civ without any other advantages.
After 2:44 minutes, we have our winner. Argentina has gathered a treasure and obtained Our Savior Tibs. GG.
Now for real, Tibs isn’t that strong ingame. After a bit more than 3 minutes, Portugal goes II. That’s very fast. Argentina is the first to get III, in 8 minutes. The first fight happens a bit later, at the site where Argentina is going to put its fort. The fort wagon approaches as the fight is nearing its end. But the Portuguese win the fight, and the wagon was unable to build the fort as the Ports were standing on the foundation, so the fort wagon got destroyed. The Ports go III soon after this, and build their fort on the exact some location Argentina planned to build theirs. The second fight takes place here again. This time several Monteneras or so storm to the line infantry, while the Portuguese fort wagon is approaching the foundation. Will we see the same thing again? No, as the Portuguese decided to attack with the few line infantry, causing those horsemen to return back and kill them. The fort had been built safely. The Portuguese perform the attack on a base, and they have a lot of Ordonenzas, and Argentina has nearly no army and no towers. This looks bad. But why are they so weak? Answer: they have made an army to attack the fort. That army is even much stronger than the army that is attacking them! The Ports are greatly damaging the Argentinean base meanwhile. Ordonenzas are decent units, they are weak and have low HP, but their siege is great, and they tank hits for the other units. Argentina on the other hand failed at destroying the fort. 15 minutes in, and the Ports have been killing vils for like 2 minutes in the enemy base. That small army is only getting damage from the TC. Minute 17, and Argentina finally has a tower, while Ports are still in their base. A new Portuguese army approaches. They attack a few buildings in the back of the base, and Argentina send the Voluntarios shipment (hint: waste of coin). The Ports noticed those units, and started attacking them, and defeat them without much problem. Somehow, they task their army back to the fort instead of continuing attacking the Argentineans. Minute 23, Portugal starts a new attack, and defeats the Argentineans. Argentina lost largely because of my prediction: their vils died to the Ordonenzas. I want to mention that AI BUG: Portugal doesn’t upgrade Ordonenzas, even if they get a substantial amount of them.
Belgium VS Mexico
This time, Belgium doesn’t start with the extra TC wagon. The AI is still the same as the last one, so it won’t use the free frontier wagons. Minute 9:40, and Mexico has quite a large army heading towards the Belgians. The army couldn’t beat the defending Belgian forces. Two minutes later, and a new Mexican army is approaching. Note how the Mexicans have thrown a lot of gold to those shipments to send the Apache and Navajo allies. Meanwhile, the Belgians are also sending a small force. Just when Mexico went III, the Belgians arrived, but the Mexicans had enough army there to fend them off. 14:33, and a trade routes passes through a gold mine. Somehow that mine spawned on the trade route. Both civs are also III. At minute 15, the Mexicans attack the army that was meant to defend the Belgian fort wagon, but the Mexicans proved to be stronger and defeat all Belgians, including the fort wagon. I have the feeling that the insane amount of HP on the Insurgente greatly helps the Mexican AI. The Mexican army reaches the Belgian base, and starts doing a lot of damage as the Belgians have almost no troops and the towers are not upgraded. A bit later, a new Mexican army arrives, albeit a small one. A shipment of rangers didn’t quite accomplish a lot. Minute 20, and more Mexican troops arrive. Mexico is putting a lot of pressure on my home country! A minute later, and Belgium finally has upgraded its towers. Now the Mexicans will lose troops a lot quicker. And indeed, at minute 23 Belgium has no Mexicans in its base. But two armies approach the base two minutes later. The Belgians provide a surprise to the Mexicans as they have shipped the Pavisier shipment (which gives them 12 of them!). Minute 27, and Mexico is IV. Somehow Belgium thinks it is a good time to attack with the remaining pavisiers and two hussars. So few units won’t help you defeat someone who has triple your score. An enormous Mexican army intercepts them, and they storm into the Belgian base, which prompts Leopold II to accept his defeat. This was an easy victory for Mexico. I fear that Mexico will lose next time, as these games will be run on the new patch, and in that patch the Mexicans will have to use a wagon to build the Presidio. And AIs have trouble using wagons.
Serbia VS Italy
Serbia had a poor showing against Bulgaria in the previous round. I hope that they will perform better now, but somehow I have my doubts. Serbia is the first to reach II. Before minute 3, which is very spectacular! Italy follows 30 seconds later, making the advantage rather minor for Serbia. Minute 9, and Italy is age III. Serbia has an attacking army a minute later, which ignores the fort foundation (they might also have not seen it). The army starts attacking some Italian vils. Another army of Serbia had noticed the fort, destroyed the troops that were protecting it and during the building phase they damaged the fort. The fort however wasn’t destroyed. Serbia went III during that attack. Minute 13, and no fighting is taking place. Italy had lost quite some vils, but they do have two TCs and a fort. Two minutes later, and a small Italian force is raiding the Serbian vils that are hunting. The AI hasn’t been programmed to make use of crops, so hunting is very important for the Serbians. Without it, they would have food issues. A small Italian army, accompanied by those raiders, attacks the empty Serbian base. Serbian caserns don’t shoot unless upgraded, and that’s a big weakness. A bit later, when that small force had been defeated by TC fire, a larger Italian force arrives. It kills nearly all villagers, but a macemen shipment helped defeat those forces. Somehow Serbia thinks that it is a good idea to put 5 vils on praying, when they have nearly no vils. Minute 24, Italy is IV, while a new Italian army is sightseeing in the Serbian base. They find it rather dark, so they decide to place some torches for light. Good idea, as they prevent creepers and zombies form spawning there. So nice of Italy. King Petar, greatly moved by this kind act, wanted to send a letter of gratitude, but accidently send a letter of defeat.
Japan VS Austria
Minute 1:10, and a BUG happened. A Wild Boar treasure guardian got attracted by a shrine, and started attacking the shrine. I had to intervene to stop this bug, as I considered it to be critical enough. Because of that, Japan has a shrine with 2/3 of its HP left. After 3 minutes, Japan is III. Funny detail: Japan prefers gathering the wine berries instead of gathering from the cherry orchards. Austria does a rather late age up, at 4:14, but that’s not too bad. The first fighting of the game happens at minute 7:40. Welp!  That is early. Austria has literally 0 troops to fight those units. However, Austria goes III soon during this attack, and a shipment+tower saved them, but they did lose quite some villagers and gathering time. I think Austria took the English princess, so the villager count may recover quickly. Minute 12, a new Japanese army attacks, and Austria no army. A Schloss wagon gets destroyed and most buildings too. The Austrian AI also prefers to have villagers walking close to the Japanese troops than hiding them in the town center. A shipment saves Austria again, and it also defeats some raiding troops. Note: Japan is still age II, and has fewer points than Austria. I also made a mistake apparently: the Schloss wagon didn’t get destroyed. But it did get attacked, and somehow it is just standing still. At 17:40, Japan is finally age III. Definitely one of the slowest age 3 I have seen. To make things worse, a few dopplesoldners are raiding the Japanese vils. Multiple samourai were needed to defeat it. At minute 20, Austria performs its own attack against the Japanese. It is a small army, but it is mainly composed of the very strong dopplesoldners. AI BUG: it is almost like the Austrian AI only builds these. Austria made use of this distraction to build the Schloss near the Japanese. However, the Japanese mustered a nice attacking force a bit later, and demolished the fort. Minute 23, and Japan is IV. Minute 25, and two Japanese armies are attacking Austria: one at the front of the base, and one at some hunting villagers. Two minutes later, a new force arrives. The dopples are having trouble, I think that there might’ve been a few ninja’s in the Japanese army. Minute 29, and Austria got defeated. Poor showing of Austria if you ask me. They refused diversifying their army, and had constantly a small or no army. They did not suffer from a shortage on resources, as they had almost always more vils than the Japanese as they must’ve taken the English princess.

Summary: Portugal, Mexico, Italy and Japan go to the next round.
I got everything right, so +8.
David has 3 games right, so +6 
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