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Re: New related bug: from basic to advanced

Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:44 am

To all WOL forum member:
This post is my bug reporting after new patch released, 1.0.9g and 1.0.9h. Keep looking in this post for my bug reporting. ok, here's bug issue i detected:
1: In Egypt, there's a HC Card named "Library Of Alexandria" in Greek Delegate that gain extra library caravan. Unfortunately, after this card arrived, Library caravan still limit to one
2: (Improvement need): As i've talked about balkan cartographer
the green zone: this is what i want about the map spawning ability. maybe you need to make this ability gain cooling down, maybe 30 secs
the red zone: because you have added the map spawning ability, you may not need that red zone here anymore
3: There's a treasure section here, available in some maps like carolina, ... this treasure gain 2 settler when claimed: the problem is what i marked here:
4: Russian Winter effect can't be used in Russian market. I mean, when Russian Market is destroyed, no winter effect is detected
5: I hope someone can rework the Serbian female villager voicesets, especially when order this unit to hunt, farm, berry, mine, wood, build, ... because these voicesets is too low to hear
6: I don't know if this is problem or not: In Baptist religion, there's a tech named: "Home Mission Society" which make house can train Pastors, this tech still cost faith (2000 Faith), although this religion has its description "Most religious improvements are free, but they take longer to research.", as well as in wiki, this tech isn't cost faith
7: I like Carolina maps because this maps is balance, also provide challenge to master this. As you noticed, there's a cherokee tech after i've built cherokee trade post named "Cherokee Basket Waving" that make all Market, Mill (Farm), Plantation and other Economic Building 's upgrade tech no longer costs coin. Unfortunately, this tech won't effect for some techs in some civs, for example:
  • Some techs for SAN native civs: Mapuche, Inca
  • All tech in Balan civs
  • ...
8: In Latin American civs, there's a HC Card "Mass Immigrant" (I think its name is correct) that reduce pop cost for Immigrant military Troops, unfortunately, some Immigrant military Troop doesn't reduce pop cost, for example: Irish Wild Goose, ...
9: Totem doesn't spawn Pastor (priest) when Baptist religion is researched (this religion is available in Sioux and Iroquois civs)
10: Isn't this bug fixed or not:
You have done very well about making Carabinero and Other Unique Latin Units can be trained in Covertte, I hope you make it well in Fort (Of course except Mexican) because 
Paraguayan Fort: No Primero
Peru Fort: No Brenero, Legion Peruviana, and Morochuco
11: (Improvement need) I hope Iroquois, Greeks, .... has a building hot-keys here
12: some civs which has "Imperialistic" personality traits are trying to control covered wagon to build a TC in National age (Age II) (AlistairJah got that problem and on fixing this)
13: I don't know if this is problem or not: Peruvian Mariscala heal and build animation use settler skin, not real Mariscala skin
14: because you no longer set build limit for immigrant units, The chinese immigrant tech "Filianess" may not work correctly anymore.
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