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Displaced improvement icons

Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:57 pm

I'll try to make this as short as possible, so:

There's this extremely and unpleasant glitch (already known by AOE3 community in general) affecting some unit improvents in the game, which "moves" the improvent one square to the right on their respective research buildings, and guess what? It's present in WOL. I'd love to believe that the unhardcode project by danielpereira has already fixed this and I'm having an unusual occurrence, but I think this is not the case, since I've reinstalled both the game and the mod and it is still happening. 

How exactly it happens, you might ask? Very simple: When playing United States and Canada (I'm not sure about Australia), all politician-unlocked units will have glitched improvements. Let's take the US Marine, for example. If you decide to pick a Union US politician, it's supposed to unlocked the Marine and its 5 upgrades (Private, Specialist, Corporal, Sargeant and Lieutenant). Once you research the Private improvement, the now unlocked Specialist improvement will move 1 square to the right, pushing all other techs along with it. The problem is the AOE3 HUD is too small to have enough room for that. It's only a 6 (lines) by 3 (columns) grid. Once the units improvements reach the very end of the second line, it'll move to the third line, MAKING ALL "THIRD LINE" UPGRADES PERMANENTLY DISAPPEAR FOR THE REST OF THE GAME. 

At first I thought this was a WOL related glitch, so I decided to take a peek at the coding to see if there was anything wrong there, but I coulnd't find anything. I checked the protoy, the techtreey, , american/canada homecities, the "tactics" folder, civs, and even the stringtabley (I mean, who knows where this bug could be, right? Just saying...) not once or twice, but dozens and dozens of times and everything seemed to be fine. Then I decided to recreate this bug. I created a brand new unit called Fuzileiro Naval for the Brazilians and added 5 upgrades to it (Soldado, Cabo de Esquadra, Furriel, Cadete and Tenente). Also, I added the following lines in the techtreey to Dom Pedro II, the only politician avaliable to reach the imperial age:

<Effect type ='Data' amount ='1.00' subtype ='Enable' relativity ='Absolute'>
<Target type ='ProtoUnit'>LAfuzileiro</Target></Effect>
<Effect type ='TechStatus' status ='obtainable'>LAtechBRfuzileiro01</Effect>
<Effect type ='TechStatus' status ='obtainable'>LAtechBRfuzileiro02</Effect>
<Effect type ='TechStatus' status ='obtainable'>LAtechBRfuzileiro03</Effect>
<Effect type ='TechStatus' status ='obtainable'>LAtechBRfuzileiro04</Effect>
<Effect type ='TechStatus' status ='obtainable'>LAtechBRfuzileiro05</Effect>

Also, I assigned this new soldier to the barracks in the protoy:

<Train column='4' page='0' row='0'>LAfuzileiro</Train>
<Tech column='4' page='1' row='0'>LAtechBRfuzileiro01</Tech>
<Tech column='4' page='1' row='0'>LAtechBRfuzileiro02</Tech>
<Tech column='4' page='1' row='0'>LAtechBRfuzileiro03</Tech>
<Tech column='4' page='1' row='0'>LAtechBRfuzileiro04</Tech>
<Tech column='4' page='1' row='0'>LAtechBRfuzileiro05</Tech>

And guess what? EXACTLY. IT HAPPENED. Every upgrade would move the next upgrade to the right, making all upgrades below disappear once they reached the end of their respective "line" on the grid.

After days of frustrations for not finding what was the cause of the glitch I decided to google it, and apparently removing the <flag>UpgradeTech</flag> from these improvements in the techtreey was the key to end this once and for all. The thing is: it does work, but only rarely (and sometimes it doesn't work completely). I'm currently disappointed that I can't fix it the right way or at least find someone who has actual coding experience and already fixed this. I've tried to "make my way around" this, e.g., making all units avaliable only at age 5 or making them cost a ridiculous amount of resources unless their respective politician is chosen. Unfortunately, none of those have satisfied me. 

So here I am asking: Is anyone else aware of this? Is there any solution yet? If yes, where do I find that? If not, is the team working on it?

(I didn't find any other topic mentioning this bug, so I decided to create this one. My bad if I overlooked a similar topic)


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Re: Displaced improvement icons

Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:35 am

hmm, i've detected that some of tech's icon has its position incorrectly, like chilean escopeteros and civicos upgrade tech, .... , especially French infantry upgrade tech. It's a hard work...
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