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Mooing Cow
Mooing Cow
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Dysfunctional Anglo Parliaments

Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:55 pm

Hey Guys.
Is it just me, or everybody cannot make use of the parliament/congress/whatever-names-for-legislative-councils of the Anglos?
I tried the Canucks on the Easter Islands (I first picked the Easter Island map because of the novelty and then found the Canucks are made for this map)
and I wanted to get the best of both sides (Anglos and Francos) in late game so I turtled till I can get parliament (Age IV)
I stayed on the Frenchmen's side while aging up 'cause I considered both their units and their age-up bonuses are better than the Anglos, and I wish to try for a full-variety arny filled up withh all the special units from both sides.
The description says that I can recruit units from the camp I chose in the Parliament, but after I am done with building and getting through with all the votings, I found that the Parliament panel has become nothing but unclickable empty slots (and then the building description says: 。:Does Nothing. How ironic.)
I really hope that when playing as Anglos I can recruit units from opposing camps that I didnt choose as it is the signature feature of the Anglos and their Parliament function. Thankyou.
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Wars of Liberty Team
Wars of Liberty Team
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Re: Dysfunctional Anglo Parliaments

Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:33 pm

Yeah, they're not working. We'll fix them in a future patch.

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