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Whipped Slave
Whipped Slave
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IA bugs and minor bugs

Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:05 pm

Hello i am a big fan of your mod and im willing to support at my best, hoping reporting these bugs will be one of the ways. I played a lot in these days and these are the bugs i am finding, starting from the major ones:

Italians, Balkans and Arab IA is completely broken, because they do not realize their unique evolving/building/recruiting system, means every time i fight with them, they stay still and do nothing most of the time (Italiand and Arabs) or just stick at the second age without knowing how to build crops/beehives (Balkans)

American's Parliament does not allow battallions: the buttons simply doesnt exist
Severe graphical glitches where the mod skins of the new civ buildings are often replaced with vanilla ones, takes several game restarts to fix it most of the time
Malta's trebushets are glitched : as they die, their line of sight remains persistent in the map even if no unit is nearby
Most of the priests can be sent to gather faith even if the religion doesnt allow it, moreover, once you send it to gather, he falls inside the ground and becomes unselectable
Online gaming is very glitched: Some home cities cannot be made, some others doesnt allow to choose new cards (invisible deck)
Some maps sends an error upon start and cannot be played (example: Monsoon, Scandinavia)
IA doesnt gather food from the new berry bushes/palm/banana - macadamia - breadfruit trees

There are other minor bugs i can include in another post if required but these are the most evident ones i hope to see fixed soon
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Re: IA bugs and minor bugs

Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:17 pm

alexander.rommel-masciaSome of the bugs you've reported are the same as mines. especially AI. About the bugs of priests fame gathering, as i know, only Rabbis priest can pray in church, also Deacon can do that if the tech "Veneration" researched. It looks like Priests pray animation has been modified incorrectly so that priest become unselectable and invisible. The only thing to make priest back is "self destruction" of Temple. Find a temple which detect problem, press Delete or you click the skull icon, after that click yes, or press Enter. Once temple destroyed, your priest is back. Of course you have to build temple again, 
next time, don't get priest to temple for fame gathering, just let villager do that, and wait until this problem fixed in the future patch
(PS: AI is correct word, it mean artificial intelligence, not IA)
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