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Iron Kaiser
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Korean Bugs

Sun Dec 23, 2018 7:00 pm

Hi WoL team and fans. This latest update is awesome. Belgium and Korea are very cool. I really appreciate the fruits of your labors. In testing out the two factions, I noticed a couple of bugs that you might want to squash for the next release. Here's what I noticed.

-Haiensa Temple is missing a model
-The Righteous Army power (that is granted by the Pyongyang Gate) cannot be activated by the shortcut button that appears above the HUD. (Note though that it does work correctly if you click the Gate itself and use the power there).
-IDK if this is a glitch, but at the consulate, America is the only power that requires export to ally. Russia, China, and Japan did not require any resources to ally.
-A small one, but when you select an ally at the consulate, there is no icon (or a missing icon) for the "tech-upgrade-in-process." It's just the countdown dial and a black box. Since it only lasts a second or so, though, that may be by design. I haven't tested, but I bet that's true of all consulates.
-This was a funny & weird one. My Chongtong cannons (Honored Chongtong, specifically) did not do any damage to enemy buildings in the process of being constructed. Once the buildings were constructed, they took damage as usual. None of the other units I tested had this problem, including the Hwacha.

Feel free to add into this thread any other Korean bugs you've run into.
Thanks again, WoL team! Keep up the great work!

PS: In case it matters, this was a Supremacy match, against easy AI Russia, set to 50% handicap in my favor. It was a random map. I'm not sure, but it may have been Yucatan.
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Re: Korean Bugs

Sun Dec 23, 2018 7:03 pm

Koras units cant destroy bee-hives !
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Re: Korean Bugs

Wed Dec 26, 2018 8:59 pm

Another thing. When I tried to attack a pedrero cannon with my chongtong, the projectiles from it did not seem to damage it or any of the cree warriors nearby. I checked the health bar of the unit as the bolts were hitting it. The hp remained full no matter how many shots were fired at it.

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