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Switch between

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:50 pm
by themajesticcreator

firstly if my question has already been answered before sorry for the waste of time.
i love the mod, but i also like to play the original sometimes, is it possible to switch? 
I know it can be done in another mod (edain). if it is not a lot of work (I am not a programmer but a fan of the game) it would be great.
especially since I thought the campaign was great. but I also look forward to yours when it comes out.
if you think about doing it, you can do it via a start/optionsscreen, just a thought
it also feels like if it is possible to have 2 games instead of 1

Re: Switch between

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:03 pm
by Fenriz
Just install WoL in a copy of original game to keep both versions.

Re: Switch between

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:15 pm
by themajesticcreator
thanks!!!! did not know that was possible.

Re: Switch between

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:00 pm
by Circle of Ossus
For those searching for a similar issue, I will rephrase (steam version, and the way I do it):
- Copy your bin folder inside the age of empires 3 folder in your steamgames. Name that folder something like binUnmodded/binTAD/binVanilla/... It contains the original game.
- Make sure that before you install wol, that you have launched the Asian Dynasties at least once.
- You switch between the two by renaming the folders. The folder named "bin" will always be the one your playing on. If you want to play Vanilla, just rename the folder with wol to binWOL or so, and name your binVanilla back to bin.
- This works for other mods too (I have a binKR, a binWOL, a binVanilla and a binStruggle for example).
- In case you've already installed wol and thus no longer have a copy with the original version, then you will have to redownload the original game. 1) Name your bin to binWOL 2) Check now the integrity of your files. Steam will see there is an issue with your installation (since the bin folder with the whole game is missing!), and will reinstall your game. 3) Now you have a bin folder with the original game.
- What about my singleplayer saves/home cities? Well, most mods now create their own folders to save those, so you won't have overlap between them.
- And ESO homecities? That's a problem. I highly recommend getting a homecity at a high level (like with the XPMOD, if you can get a partner with the mod too), and keep that Homecity; it grants you the ability to make other high level HC. ESO has a limited amount of homecites they can save for you (ranges from 10 to 25 I think). So it's quite dangerous to make 10 HC with Struggle of Indonesia, and then switch back to wol. If you want to create a HC for each civ, then you're out of luck, you won't get anywhere close to that. And you won't be able to delete these HC from wol, most of them will be hidden. You will also experience the so called ghost cards when you use a HC on multiple mods. I highly suggest to just keep a strong HC, and create/delete other HC as you please.