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Re: Jamaica Suggestion

Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:17 pm

now, about the units, some of them could be simply unique skin of prexisting units (like the colonial milita could be only a texture for the milita), other are very strange and others have no sense (you have a explicit ashanti unit and a lot of explicit british unit, also images of mexican army wtf)

anyway you only needs to substract all the uneccesary elements and think in a interesting way to play and this could works.
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Jesuit Priest
Jesuit Priest
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Re: Jamaica Suggestion

Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:47 pm

Thanks for your opinion and suggestions, we really will not know what can be unbalanced without testing, but I think not to much subvertion, the main change are the factions that in this case are dependencies. On British troops, the Jamaican army is totally British lol, except that I gave emphasis to the troops of Jamaicans who served by the British and British troops who came to Jamaica.

On the Ashantis, most of the Marons that caused rebelions on Jamaica were the Akan / Coromantee, they are totally ashanti, but they ended up in Jamaica lol.

On the "Mexican" troop, they are refugees from Corozal (Belize) who were fleeing from the Maya during "the Caste War of Yucatan", they received reinforcements of British / Jamaican weapons and troops.

about weird things, I found things like Mounted Manitee and Mounted Turtle, that I did not even add lol
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Wars of Liberty Team
Wars of Liberty Team
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Re: Jamaica Suggestion

Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:13 pm

A civ design/suggestion needs to be solid and near finished before anyone is going to even think about coding it. Don't expect testing to fix all the problems: even then only numbers will be adjusted, usually not whole concepts.

Pick a primary focus and stick with it. Right now the most interesting idea you've got is the natives thing and subversion of the faction system. Figure that out before trying to add secondary focuses, because right now it's not very unique. And I advise against going for a springboard focus. It's too tricky to get right without making the civ OP. I speak from experience.

Until then, no one else is going to design your civ for you.
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Wars of Liberty Team
Wars of Liberty Team
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Re: Jamaica Suggestion

Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:17 am

Indeed, I wouldn't even consider testing this civilization since I have no idea what it's trying to do in the first place. Everything feels so vague about it.

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