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Mooing Cow
Mooing Cow
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Simplify the deck system, and possibility of a in game information codex?

Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:36 pm

Deck System

My biggest gripe with AOE 3 has always been the deck system, I feel like it's a massive knee cap for new or revisiting players, as they're against people that can infinitely spawn units for free during the middle age. There are cards that are outright better than others.

I can see that the development team put in a big amount of time in making the home cities et cetera, but I think that by either opening all options for the player in online play, or using the card tree as a sort of specialization (ei: do you want free soldiers/workers in your shipments? or do you want unit upgrades?), you can open doors for more efficient deck builds and more varieties of strategy.

Rewarding only players who play the game consistently and closing opportunities for players to explore until a player loses enough games is limiting and disencouraging. Whereas in the vanilla game, early game rushes through shipments is a common strategy, it seems to be the norm in WoL online.

Ingame information index / wiki / codex

Another suggestion, since I didn't want to make two threads; I notice that there is already a wikipedia page posted about the mod on a seperate domain, would the mods be in support of officially hosting a wiki page on this domain instead? Wikia is notoriously difficult to navigate due to clutter and a plethora of ads.
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Voluntário da Pátria
Voluntário da Pátria
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Re: Simplify the deck system, and possibility of a in game information codex?

Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:20 am

To answer the first point, you can easily modify your home nation and add points by altering the Home City document In Documents\My Games\Wars of Liberty\savegame\[Insert name of capital city].

Nothing wrong with it. Just go and change the "Skillpoints" number to however many cards you want to unlock for that nation when you next start up the game.
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Re: Simplify the deck system, and possibility of a in game information codex?

Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:06 pm
You can find fully leveled home cities here. To get better HomeCites on ESO an XP mas to be used. One of the reasons why GameRanger usually is preferred.

About rushing: skilled players tend to attack early, as the difference in skill is the greatest early on. Maybe the scarcer amount of WOL players compared to vanilla are better trained, and more used to rushing? I know I am rather bad early, being woefully prepared for attacks at minute 8. After this time mark I can usually catch a bit up. Still, all this doesn't really make up for the fact I rarely see a very skilled player boom.

EDIT: I forgot also to mention that this is also about the way you play against the expert AI. If it doesn't attack you in the first twelve minutes, it means it is going for a crazy rapid boom you have to attack to not get overwhelmed later (INDIAN AI and his elephants). Maybe I am exaggerating this, but it has affected my playstyle.
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