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Jesuit Priest
Jesuit Priest
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Re: Doubts future of WOL

Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:54 am

Hoop Thrower wrote:
MarceloCaitano wrote: I can quote more than 50 official documents of the time if you want!
You'll have a very hard time negating a third of Paraguay exists lad

Of course you can cite 50 documents about the war, I can do so too, but I can assure you you'll be extremely biased. Because you're brazilian, I can quote documents in spanish and show you a drastically different picture. Because Brazil had to justify somehow the genocide they were commiting.

And yes, of course Solano Lopez was a president, that's the title he had back then, he wasn't any less democratically elected than any other president of the period, you seriously think suffrage was big in South America back then?

Stop making a fool out of yourself, it's embarassing.
solano lopes president? The guy was named Brigadier General at the age of 18. Commanded the army.

  obviously was named daddy with no experience at all.

if he is really president answer only two simple questions ok?

How many votes was he elected with?

Who was your opponent in the elections?
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Wars of Liberty Team
Wars of Liberty Team
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Re: Doubts future of WOL

Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:33 pm

As a Historian, this is hilarious to read.

As a moderator, I have to warn you: this is enough. Come back when your head is cooled off.
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Re: Doubts future of WOL

Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:19 pm

As being definetly not subjective on the Triple Alliance war (I actually lerned about this war by this grat mod :D) and coming from a nation that has to carry its response for history and does very good enlightenment work in history lesson in school, I can say that this discussion is not constructive anymore. This topic is not about who did the first shot in the WoTTA.This is always gonna end in hate.
But what is noticable, that even when its a not so good suggestion by a community member, some team members are very contemptuous and compromising. There would nothing be wrong with a friendly and founding refusing respond, as good moderators would always be.
I actually came here because I'm a small modder and was full of enthusiam and wanted to be a little part of this great mod. I know it is getting a little offtopic, but invested many days and hours to finish a perfect updated German stringtabley translation and I wanted to share it, but some of the bosses here are not sustainable to share own achievements with them and my motivation ran away.

So my point is, it would be nice if there would be a little bit more respect, especially from the members in charge. Suggestions are meant to be good and constructive in the first way, so no need for demolishing them.

So peace and still good job!

@Maxy, wenn noch Interesse besteht, dann musst du mir des mit dem Discord nochmal erklären, hab mich damit noch nicht so wirklich beschäftigt ;)

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