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synchronization error

Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:47 am

Здравствуйте, возникла проблема с локальной сетью. При обновлении до версии 1.0.11b. Играть невозможно, то есть, когда вы запускаете игру, она занимает 10 секунд и выдает ее на главный экран и пишет ошибку синхронизации. Раньше такого не было.
PS: Раньше была версия 1.0.11a.
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Re: synchronization error

Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:58 am

This is an English forum.
Doesn't mean that you shouldn't be helped. OOS (Out of Sync) is a problem that the mod is suffering from, and no one knows what causes it. People can only guess. Some think triggers are the cause, other think that most OOS come from bad connection, I think it has to do with cards, .... At one point, when I was testing my hypothesis, it seemed to confirm it, but somehow after that testing my game was even more prone to OOS than before, it was that bad that I concluded my testing was not trustworthy and I had to dump my conclusions. Re-installing (actually, forcing the game to re-update) solved the issue. The only thing I can thus say, is that minor errors in the installation can cause OOS. Which is the only thing I can recommend you if you want to lower the chance.
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