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Wars of Liberty Team
Wars of Liberty Team
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WoL civs discussion: Brazil!

Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:56 pm

So hey, welcome to our first post on WoL civilizations. With this we will try to bring discussion and inform new players about all the stuff this mod and its civilizations bring. We will, eventually, cover all WoL civilizations, so stay tuned, for this will get good.
Now, without further ado:

Image Brazil About the Civilization: Agrarian Boom
Brazil is an All-Around civilization with a focus on Villager economy (This means an economy lead by villagers, instead of automatic production, for instance). What makes them shine, then, is the fact that they have the tools to deal with pretty much everything, while still being able to boom, and with a particular edge because of its roster.
Their focus is Mills and Plantations, following the characteristics of most of rural Brazil during the 19th century, in where huge amounts of land were owned by a few that made a lot of money via slave work.
Their army, on the other side, is just full of surprises: A bunch of Unique Units that specialize in countering: Voluntario da Patria and Cassador Montado, and a unit roster that, with the Musketeer and the Aspide, makes for an insanely tough army to beat: Efficiency and Specialization, two elements that are not usually seen together.
So, usually, a boom is what you want to do, being it defensive or offensive, and it's not like you have much choice, since their rushes are not really that good when you consider the slaves bad hunting skills.
This is why this is a civilization that's so safe to pick. If you don't know what your enemy is playing, your expertise with the Brazilians will be your salvation: Voluntarios da Patria are a good choice against Fellahs or Impi rushes, and their safety allows them to outboom many civs, like the Colombians, if played right. Their only weakness might be defensive civs, but that mostly depends on skill and knowledge on the matchups.
In a way, Brazil's gratest enemy is the Slave Trade, their Big Button technology in the Town Center, that allows you to quickly get a bunch of Slaves, while the cost of the tech gets bigger every time. You will pretty soon find yourself paying much more than what the units are worth for your villagers, so plan ahead, and don't let them die, because they are expensive


Historical discussion: Historical responsibility, and video-games.
It's actually been some fuss about the fact that we included slaves in the game, and with reason: Age of Empires III features european relations with natives in such a friendly way that it is embarrasing and, usually, this topics are not easy to handle. We get that. On the other hand, we have to be faithful to history, and this doesn't mean we have to create a simulator nor to stick to ''facts'' when making our games, but it means that we have a responsibility with the past and, therefore, with the present. In our opinion, to deny slavery and to present, in this case, a Brazilian empire without it would be censorship and a sad, sad revisionism. We can't deny slavery and we don't want you to play an idealized version of anything, even if it makes some people uncomfortable.
We would like to hear your opinions on the matter and any appreciation on this decision, if you have any.


Balance: Fervor Voluntario and Slave Trade.
We nerfed Fervor Voluntario. Apparently people were too patriotic and eager to fight so we had to tone that down a little. Have you used Fervor Voluntario since? What is your opinion on Brazil in Industrial age right now?
Also, what is your opinion on Slave Trade? In one hand, it gives you a nice boost in the early game, but in the other hand, it gets impossible to keep up with it in the late game, being a major crippling factor. Would you change anything about it?


Anyway, I hope you have liked this and don't hesitate on asking questions, suggesting or asking for new strategies and all of that. Here are some questions for you guys to discuss and try to answer:
How do I beat Brazil?
What civilization is Brazil greatest ally? Why?
Huehuehue or kkkkkk?
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Mooing Cow
Mooing Cow
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Re: WoL civs discussion: Brazil!

Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:22 pm

would be great an "Lei Aurea" option, i like to deal with the facts of my country, but i dont like how Dom Pedro II looks... like a monster, i understand how my country was but not because people agree, not because Dom Pedro II agree, but because our economy representants agreed with that.
I think that everyone would like to have a worst economy with an "Lei Aurea" option just to fell good about the people.
You dont need to be so pessimist or otimist, just realistic, my country is not made and was never made by monsters, just the economy... i cant argue in this point....
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Wars of Liberty Team
Wars of Liberty Team
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Re: WoL civs discussion: Brazil!

Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:33 am

We will, eventually, cover all WoL civilizations, so stay tuned, for this will get good.
Eventually :hmm:
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Re: WoL civs discussion: Brazil!

Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:33 pm

This ist great. Unfortunately I didn't play with and also not agains Brazil. So here I will only follow the comments. 
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Re: WoL civs discussion: Brazil!

Thu Oct 04, 2018 1:06 am

Nice to see someone willing to start a civilization discussion, which not only includes pros and cons of the civ but also brings out some historical issues that may improve the experience of playing WOL!
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Voluntário da Pátria
Voluntário da Pátria
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Re: WoL civs discussion: Brazil!

Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:56 am

How many people here noticed that this was from 2017?
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Wars of Liberty Team
Wars of Liberty Team
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Re: WoL civs discussion: Brazil!

Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:54 pm

And that's only because this new forum is from 2017. IIRC the post itself is a lot older.

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