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How to Build Ais for Colloseum Like Scenarios

Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:54 am

In Aoe3 tad, there are some scenarios where a player trains a army by using a invincible unit to move next to a gaia unit to signal the spawn of a desired soldier. The main one that comes to mind is Colosseum World War. Now that I have been trying to build a complete Wol Version of Colloseum (Wolloseum XD), I have learned to build ai's in the scenario to play-test when insuring my triggers are working. This guide is for those on Aoe3 Vanilla and users of other mods including Wol who want to build a working ai in a Colloseum style scenario.
  1.  First thing to do is identify the ai file for your ai's to reference (using the wottamainew.xs and the wottamain.xs have produced errors messages without hindering gameplay, but could impact functionality of ai).
  2. You now need to connect the civ you chose for the ai in the multiplayer lobby to the scenario by using a trigger. I do this by using the condition "Tech Status Equals" for the tech Age0"Civilization of choice goes here" since this defines every civ. This is only if you wish to use the Colloseum World War map as a template to build your scenario off of which I did. You also need to add the condition that this trigger will only occur if the player is a bot.  From here you would make the effect the enabling of the level 1 civ trigger for the desired player slot.
  3. To have the ai train units, you will need to use the timer has a condition as well as the amount of coin the ai has. Again, if you are using the original Colloseum as a template or any vanilla scenario infact, you will also need to make the civ's Age0 tech and the fact that the player is a bot as other requirements for your condition. The effect to use is "Unit Work" where you set the effected unit as the invincible unit (OldCoot in most cases) to target the unit or cinematic block of choice. The more units you want the ai to train at a particular level, the more complex your use of the timer in seconds will be. (I also modify the proto unit OldCoot to be faster so it can train more varied units even if the Coot ends up reverting to a previous cinematic block due to a time overlap). You will need to make one of these triggers for each unit you want to train and for each level if that's what you intend to do.
  4. Assuming your ai reference file works and compiles, you need to ensure that the ai knows to attack enemy gates and command posts by enabling attack plans for each player in the ai using a trigger or the main one you used to initialize the ai's civ.
    From here, your ai should be working okay. I will update here if I find anything else useful when building Colloseum Ai's.

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