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RELEASE: The Mediterranean Patch! (1.0.9)

Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:47 am

Now Available!
The Mediterranean Update


It's a pretty well known fact by this point that we on the Wars of Liberty team can't release a patch without at least one major hiccup. It turns out that this time, (besides a few timely hotfixes,) that snag was forgetting to actually announce the patch.Oops. So, without any further ado, the Wars of Liberty team is proud to introduce patch 1.0.9c, the Mediterranean Patch!


All previously-announced features, including:
  • The Italians, featuring advanced Religion and Espionage systems, including the powerful Mafioso.
  • The Maltese, featuring an AoE2-inspired unit roster, including the iconic Trebuchet.
  • New unit rosters, explorer designs, buildingsets, and bonuses for many of the Vanilla civilizations.
  • Read more details about the already-announced additions here.
Wars of Liberty now includes the newest version of the UnHardcode Patch (1.5), developed by Team Member Daniel Pereira and kangcliff. Among the various changes brought by this update, players can now select up to four teams in both singleplayer and in multiplayer.

AI improvements, now allowing many of WoL's civilizations to function as opposing civilizations. Special thanks to guest6777, Militem Fides, Septafolia and Zupay.

Numerous balance changes and minor improvements, notably:
  • Rebalanced religious technologies
  • Reworked Egyptian library technologies
  • Remodeled and balanced Balkan Crops
  • All Vanilla civilizations now have unique politicians
  • Immigrants are now more cost-efficient
  • New Revolutions for Latin Americans
  • For a full list, see the Patch Notes section below.


Download the new Updater and run it to update your version of WoL to 1.0.9.

If you have any issues updating WoL to 1.0.9, or need to install the base mod first, visit our Installing and Updating thread for detailed instructions.

Full Patch Notes
Patch 1.0.9 Changelog
  • The mod now uses the newest version of the AoE3 UnHardcode Patch (UHC 1.5), by Daniel Pereira and kangcliff. Among the various changes brought by this update, players can now select up to four teams both in singleplayer and in multiplayer.
    Note that, due to a visual bug, if any player selects one of the new teams (Team 3 and Team 4) in multiplayer, only this player will see what he selected correctly. However, the game will detect the teams correctly once the game starts. The original teams (Team 1 and Team 2) do not have this problem.
  • Temple changes:
    • Devotion and Belief: Available at age II.
    • Redemption and Faith: Available at age III.
    • Purity and Fervor: Available at age IV.
    • Sanctity and Dogma: Available at age V.
    • Kippah: extra hitpoints down to +30.
    • Yom Kippur: discount down to -35%.
  • Skirmishers get a x2 bonus against Light Cavalry.
  • Speed bonuses overall have been reduced.
  • Gurkha, Strelet, Voluntario, Grenzer, Sharpshooter, Rum Corpsman, Atirador, Askari, Klepth, Alpini, Pekhota, Chapelgorris, Fencible, Soldadera, Tupara musketeer, Skirmisher and Wakina Rifle get their bonuses rebalanced: x2 against light cav x0.8 against cav.
  • Compassio Veraque now works as intended.
  • Livestock pen now costs 150 Wood, up from 100.
  • Sioux Axe Rider and Mississauga Horse get a x0.8 bonus against Light Cavalry.
  • Fast Cavalry training technologies now reduce the training points by 0.75, down from 0.50..
  • The portrait of all nation leaders have been reduced when they speak in-game (from 128x128 pixels to 64x64 pixels).
  • The AI used by WoL has been slightly improved. Villagers from civs like the Africans (except Egyptians), Habsburgs and Mapuche are now able to gather resources and build Houses, and the Balkan civilizations apart from the Romanians are now able to Age-Up (thanks to guest6777, Militem Fides, Septafolia and Zupay).
  • Civilizations have new descriptions.

  • African Town Centers now have a button explaining that you need to research improvements at the Library to Age Up.
  • More cards have been added to the Zulu Home City.
  • Library improvements now take 5 seconds less to research for all African civs.
  • Egyptian library gets a rework on some of its technologies:
    • Land Nationalization: Also sends a caravan market.
    • Bodyguards: Bedouins can attack (From desert tents). Caravans get +10% hitpoints.
    • Desert Tents: No longer makes Bedouins able to attack. Caravans move 10% faster.
    • Alexandria Shipyard: Also makes shipments come 10% faster.
    • Harbor Lighthouse: Also gives caravans +10% LOS.
    • Professional Bureaucracy: Also makes library techs 25% cheaper.
  • Assegai's siege damage goes down to 15 and its hitpoints down to 88.
  • Firebrand gets +50 hitpoints and +25 Siege.
  • Matriarch no longer fight enemies when attacked. In fact, they now run away from them.
  • The Revolver Cannon's range is now 18.
  • Impis now count as infantry.
  • Rocks from Quarries cost +20 Coin now.
  • Sebastopol has a slightly lower armor, lower area of effect damage, lower damage and a bigger bonus against buildings.
  • Lion of Judah now improves buildings hitpoints by 30%, down from 100%.
  • Ethiopian Library's civil technologies no longer affect walls.
  • Ethiopian wall upgrades have been significantly reduced: Masonry effect down to 10%;  Cement effect down to 20%; Double walls effect down to 30%; Wall Spikes effect down to 40%.
  • Zouave is now a tanky skirmisher.
  • Zulu get a crate of Coin to start.
  • African Villagers gather Trade faster.
  • Impi get +10 hitpoints, up to 190, and a Siege Attack of 15, up from 8.
  • Askari now costs 55 Food and 55 Coin, down from 60 Food and 60 Coin.
  • Escort now costs 65 Food and 85 Coin, down from 70 Food and 95 Coin.
  • Shaka can now use the "Cover" stance like all other hand infantry units.
  • The improvement "Western Clothing" now shows the correct description.
  • The Egyptian "Light Skiff" card now works as intended.
  • "Secret of the Pyramids", "Papyrus Script" and the French Native cards from the Egyptian Homecity have been disabled for now.
  • The Egyptian "Desert Raiders" card now works as intended.
  • The improvement "Barbettes" now displays the tech name correctly.
  • More cards were added to the Zulu card selection at the Home City. Their position and Home City level required to unlock them was not decided yet for testing purposes.
  • The Egyptian cards "Alcancías" and "Berthier Rifles" now have proper icons.
  • Ethiopians can now train Bengal Sepoys at Spice Shops.

  • Montgomery convention now costs 6000 Wood and 6000 Coin, up from 4000 Wood and 4000 Coin.
  • Zouave now costs 75 Food and 30 Coin, down from 80 Food and 30 Coin, and now the unit is a light infantry unit.
  • Zouave/Marine cards now bring 6 and 10 troops each, down from 8 and 12.
  • Federalist papers no longer says it reduces the Coin cost of anything.
  • Connected Hire Italian Mercenary Army with Hire Italian Tattermadillions in the American homecity.
  • Sharpshooter armor down to 0.30.
  • Buffalo Soldier's price up to 250 Food and 200 Coin and, and he now costs 3 population.
  • Gatling gun range down to 18.
  • Americans can no longer send the 1000 Coin shipment.
  • Militia is no longer considered Heavy Infantry, yet still Infantry (and any other tag the unit might have).
  • Cavalry corps now cost 5 population.
  • Buffalo Soldier has less hitpoints now: 370, down from 500. It costs -10 Food now.
  • Texas Ranger now costs 3 population and its cost has been balanced.
  • Sharpshooter's resistance down to 0.30 against ranged attacks.
  • Canada: +5 Pilgrim train limit, -10 Fur Trader train limit.
  • Dominion card reduction ratios go down to 25%, from 50%.
  • Log Cabins cannot be deleted anymore.
  • Rifleman gets -1 Range and their ranged bonus against cavalry goes down to 1.5x, while melee bonus goes up to 3.5x.
  • Foot Guard Food cost down to 100.
  • The portrait for the United States leader should now display in the graphics style used by WoL instead of the one used by WotTA.
  • Selecting the Australian Cathedral in the Home City no longer leads the camera to a void.
  • The Australians now have the following cards unlocked by default: "2 Convict Labourers" and "3 Convict Labourers" (for better results, it is recommended to create a new Australian Home City).
  • The Canadians now have the following cards unlocked by default: "2 Fur Traders", "TEAM 1 Pilgrim", "Native Lore", "Native Treaties", "4 King's Guards" and "TEAM Maritime Fur Trade".
  • The United States now have the following cards unlocked by default: "4 Mounted Rangers", "8 Continental Zouaves", "2 Napoleons", "Fort", "Frontier Defenses", "Establish Ironmonger" and "Rum Distillery".
  • The Australian card "Slouch Hat" now has a proper icon.
  • The Australian cards "6 Head Rangers", "10 Head Rangers", "12 Head Rangers", "14 Head Rangers", "7 Tupara Corps" and "10 Tupara Corps" now have new icons.
  • Shepherd Dogs no longer have a build limit.
  • Freemasonry technology for the USA now works, but only gets 40% cheaper faith technologies.
  • Revolver Hammer, of Colt Company now works as intended.
  • The American card "Bill of Rights" now works as intended.

  • Balkan Town Centers now have a button explaining that you need to select Politicinas in other buildings to Age Up.
  • Crops have been greatly buffed in many ways.
  • Chorofylax bonus against cavalry and light infantry down to 2.5x, they also get -20 hitpoints.
  • Gathering rate from Fish Traps down to 0,55/s, from 0,67/s. They also now cost 200 Wood and 50 Coin and have 450 hitpoints.
  • Olive Plantations now have a gathering rate of a regular plantation, but they cost 700 Wood now.
  • Villagers gather Coin from Beehives at a 0.55/s rate.
  • Greek Peasant's train limit is now 80.
  • Klepth has +1 range and -10 Coin cost.
  • Serbian Houses, Market and Hunting Lodge now spawn 2 fires when using the Fire ability.
  • Kapitan's War card effect reduced to 3.5%, down from 5%.
  • The Bulgarian "2 Free infantry Voivods +1 Cavalry Voivod" card now brings 1 Infantry Voivod instead of 2.
  • Pig war no longer sends pigs and the herdables fatten only 20% faster and vills gather 15% faster from them.
  • Vanator armor up to 0.2, from 0.1.
  • Monstrous Coalition no longer doubles the stats, but it improves them by 50%.
  • Vardo hitpoints is now 750, up from 450. His hand armor is now 0.50, up from 0.30.
  • Schneider gun range reduced to 25 and damage down to 350.
  • Greek Fire card can no longer be sent again once you reach imperial age.
  • Fixed a bug that gave the Serbians a Hospital in National Age.
  • Fixed Volley Hand Attack and Stagger Hand Attack damage on the Chorofylax (They were higher, in 35, now they're back to be 25).
  • The Greek post-game flag now uses the same colors as the civ flag (white cross on a blue field instead of a blue cross on a white field).
  • The Bulgarian card "Vrhovism" now allows the training of Komitis at the Casern.
  • The Bulgarian card "Frontier Defenses" is now linked to the "Star Fort" card.
  • The Bulgarian cards "Exarchate" and "Rose Valley" have been disabled for now.
  • The Domnitor is now able to cast Incendios after delivering the card "Ordo Dracorum".
  • The Serbian cards "Karageorge's Legacy", "Koca's Military Frontier" and "Young Bosnians" now have proper icons.
  • The Balkan fishing improvements "Paternoster", "Fire Fishing" and "Aquafarming" now have proper icons.
  • The Greek Age V Politican "Eleftherios Venizelos" now grants five Peasants instead of five Settlers.

  • The Italians and Maltese are now available to play.
  • The Russian Winter bonus is now working.
  • With the exception of the Ottomans, all Vanilla civilizations now have new Politicians unique to each one of them.
  • Foreign Legions now work correctly.
  • Russian Infantry is 15% weaker in hitpoints and attack.
  • German autohealing bonus fixed.
  • Settler Wagons build limit reduced to 20, from 50.
  • Spanish Infante de Marina now costs +5 Coin and gets -10 hitpoints.
  • Ruyter gets its bonus against heroes and mercenaries reduced to x1.5 and a x0.8 bonus against Infantry.
  • Ruyter have a new modern texture based on the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL).
  • Akincis get 0.20 armor against range, up from ZERO.
  • Abus gun get 0.20 armor against range, up from 0.10.
  • Winged Hussars now cost 5 population.
  • The Dutch princess no longer provides a free Bank Wagon upon aging up.
  • Dutch Markets now have normal ratios.
  • The French now have Grognard cards in their Homecity.
  • Spaniards start with one less Coin crate.
  • All European civilizations now get ultimate unit cards.
  • The Germans can now train the Landwehr (Age II heavy ranged infantry) and the Jaeger (Age III skirmisher) and can now build the Krupp Factory (Age II Artillery Depot-like building that can train and generate artillery units).
  • The Spaniards can now train the Regular (Tanky Heavy Infantry unit) and the Aduanero (Age III ranged raider). They can't train the Rodelero nor the Chapelgorris anymore. Demi-Lancer gets a retexture.
  • Spanish cards have been modernized and new cards have been added.
  • Ottoman infantry and cavalry units now trickle Coin when attacking enemy buildings.
  • Ottomans have a new building set by PredatoR.
  • The Redcoat now has a train limit of 50.
  • Habsburgs cards Princess Guard and ‘Kingdoms' mercenary cards are now working correctly.
  • Ottoman National age units now give more experience when trained.
  • Ottoman Imperial age upgrades are now 75% effective, up from 50%.
  • Highlander: -10 Food cost and +5 siege damage.
  • Saker Range down to 30.
  • Dutch East India Company card extra hitpoints for banks down to 35% from 100%, and cheaper banks down to 10% for both resources, from 15%.
  • Team fast-building houses card ratios down to 50%, from 90%.
  • Green Jacket: -10 hitpoints, +5 Wood cost.
  • The Habsburg Explorer is now able to train Rottweilers (mercenary War Dog) if the Spanish Princess was selected to advance from Age I to Age II.
  • The Ottomans now use the buidingset as the Ottomans of PredatoR's Ottoman Mod (used with authorization from the creator).
  • The Russians can now train the Opolcheniye (Age III Pikeman-like hand infantry) and the Pekhota (extra-resistant Skirmisher-like ranged infantry and their Ultimate Unit).
  • The Germans can no longer train Crossbowmen, Dopplesoldners and Pikemen.
  • The Russians can no longer train Halberdiers.
  • The Habsburg cards "Common Army" and "Final Recess" now have proper icons.
  • The Habsburg Royal Decree improvements "Imperial Crypt", "Royal Grenadiers" and "Catholic League" now have proper icons.
  • The Habsburg Schloss improvements "Moat" and "Throne Hall" now have proper icons.
  • The Habsburg "Kronprinsessa of Sweden" Politician has been disabled for now (this means that they can only select between three Princesses to advance to Age III: "Principessa of Savoy", "Duchess of Brabant" and "Princess of Orange").
  • All European Explorers have a New Skin according to the New Era.
  • The Halberdier have a new modern Skin for Imperial Age.

  • Conscripts cost +5 Food and have +5 hitpoints and +3 ranged attack.
  • Chilean escopeteros no longer have the cost of a skirmisher.
  • Grieve Cannon gets +1 pop cost and +100 Coin cost and its attack range down to 30.
  • Peruvian Bolivian Confederation card now costs 1000 Coin.
  • The Llanero pig aura range down from infinite to 75.
  • Horse Grenadier has more hitpoints (265, up from 215) and Melee Armor now.
  • Independentista gets a x0.5 bonus against cavalry and a x2 bonus against Heavy Infantry at range. Its hand attack bonus now applies only to Heavy Infantry. Its population cost goes up to 3 and the unit is no longer considered a Heavy Infantry unit.
  • Pedreros can no longer attack units.
  • National reconstruction card: Hitpoints +50% up from 25%, Damage +50% up from 25%.
  • Infinite 3 Cholos card down to 2 Cholos, 6 Cholos card is now an age 3 card.
  • Peruvian Speed bonus duration is reduced by 5 seconds.
  • Chinacos take 2 seconds less to be trained both from Town Centers and Presidios.
  • 10 Guaraní Allies card units delivered goes down to 6, from 10.
  • Breñero gets it attack range down to 20, its ranged attack damage down to 12 and its speed down to 4.75.
  • Caravel Age-up for Argentina now sends 1 Caravel.
  • Escopeteros now get the Koygua attack animation, a ranged attack damage of 20, an attack bonus of x0.65 against cavalry and gets a special, area effect attack when closer to the enemy. The Escopetero ranged attack gets -3 range.
  • The Paraguayan improvements Steam Engine (0.95 from 0.85) and Analytical Engine (0.80 from 0.70) are now less effective
  • Guarani Catechumen slowing aura goes down to 2.5%, it's still accumulative.
  • Immigrant villagers now cost 2 shipments instead of 1.
  • Arrival of the royal family card brings 3 Batidores now instead of 5.
  • Paraguayan cohete gets a ranged attack bonus of x.075 against cavalry.
  • Latin American Royal Guards had very wrong numbers, getting the best upgrades in the game. They are fixed now.
  • The Mexican Charrería card now gives a bonus against Hand Cavalry instead of Cavalry and the amount was reduced to +0.7, down from +1.0.
  • Gonada range reduced to 30.
  • The Lancer now has a trample damage of 35, instead of 50.
  • Captains do Mato cards now delivers this amount of units: Age II: 5; Age IV: 15; TEAM Age IV: 8.
  • The Colombian Carabobo card now improves trample damage for the Lancer by 25% and for the Llanero by 35%, instead of +100%.
  • The Lassador is now able to attack Treasure Guardians at range.
  • To match its description, the Town Hall improvement "Promise Health" now increases the hitpoints of Coronels by 25% instead of 50%.
  • The Argentine Explorer now gets upgraded on each Age Up, gaining more attack and hitpoints.
  • The Peruvians now have a proper starting deck.
  • Edited the description of the Chilean cards "Patria Nueva" and "Patria Vieja" to include a warning about the risk of delivering both cards in the same game (they would completely disable your Aging Up to Age II, Age III and Age IV).
  • The Grieve Cannon is now a Pasavolante replacement for the Peruvians. This means that the Peruvians now have access to the Gonada, but lost access to the Pasavolante.
  • The unit upgrade "Skilled Grieve Cannons" has been renamed "White Cannons". The unit affected by this upgrade (Grieve Cannon) gets renamed to "White Cannon".
  • The Brazilians no longer have the "8 Musketeers" card unlocked by default (only applies to new Brazilian Home Cities).
  • The Argentinean and Brazilian cards "The Triple Alliance" and "Triple Alliance Forces" now have proper icons.
  • The Peruvian card "Hire Colorado Corps" now has a new icon.
  • Chilean card Logia Lautarina now works as intended.
  • The Paraguayan Botánica card now works as intended.
  • Argentina Estancia now attracts herdables as intended.
  • The Paraguayan Skirmisher now uses a new texture.

  • The Tupi now start with +100 Food.
  • Tupi Warhut now costs 180 Wood, down from 250.
  • Pombero bonus against Infantry down to 1.3x. Now has a 0.75x bonus against Cavalry.
  • New Tupi gathering rates:
    • Hunter: Tree: 0.47/s
    • Huntables: 0.72/s
    • Gatherer: Oca: 0.65/s.
    • Berry bush: 0.68/s.
  • Tupi Pajes can now pray at the Monument only when a Religion is chosen.
  • The improvement "Divine Intervention" now has a proper icon.
  • The Oca gathering improvements ("Sedentarism", "Manioc Plantation", "Pineapple Cultivation" and "Farming") now have proper icons.
  • The Tupi War Chief now counts as a archer unit.
  • Inca now get a lower villager training limit
  • Tupi Blowgunners no longer counts as hand infantry and have less range (9) and less damage (28).
  • The Tupi War Chief no longer counts as a gunpowder unit.
  • Amazonia eterna now lasts double the amount of time.
  • Coordinated Volley is now an industrial age technology.
  • Incan mortar pop cost increased to 3, range reduced to 24 and RoF improved to 3. Added an anti-bonus against Cavalry.
  • Incas can now train up to 66 villagers, down from 99.
  • Huaminca now costs 35 Coin, up from 20.
  • Mapuche have a new building set.

  • Villagers get a Siege damage of 1.
  • Ranching now correctly enables cows for the Iroquois.

  • Chinese unit roster got a complete overhaul.
  • Golden Buddha bug that prevented the player from aging-up once the building was ready is now fixed.
  • Geishas are now available.
  • The Sumptuary Laws card now also trickles Faith at a rate of 0.15/s.

  • Population cost of immigrants has been fixed.
  • Irish ultimate technology is now significantly slower.
  • The Serduk (Eastern European Immigrant) now uses its proper portrait instead of the one used by the Mercenary Jaeger.
  • The Serduk (Eastern European Immigrant) now uses the Russian Halberdier soundset when selected, tasked to move or ordered to attack.
  • The improvement "Ninth Symphony" no longer increase shipment arrival and Age-Up timers (thanks, Avalancher).
  • Telescopic sight (Eastern European Technology) gets its range bonus down to +2, from +4 and its LOS bonus down from +6 to +4.

  • The Aymara Chola is now a Winitufe-like ranged cavalry unit.

  • Hinduism's Yagia now works as intended.
  • Hinduism's Samsara now works as intended.
  • Hinduism ultimate technology is now even harder to get, as intended.
  • Shamanism's Totem now works as intended.
  • Baptism's Religious protection now works as intended.
  • Candomblé's Carnival dance now works as intended.
  • All religious buildings (Temple, Temple Caravan, Monastery, Monument and Totem) should now be able to spawn the Religion-enabled healer once a Religion is chosen.
  • Acharya now is resistant to range instead of immune. Same for Kannushi after researching Protective Amulets.

  • Europeans, Brazilians and Colombians now have access to new Revolutionaries.

  • Fixed many bugs related to the position and card level requirements in various Home City files (thanks again, Avalancher).
  • Fixed the problem that broke the sound file of the Native Villager (shared between the North American and South American Natives).
  • Cards that deliver chests of Coin now use a crate icon to match the graphic style used by the cards that deliver crates of Food and cords of Wood.
Feel free to discuss the patch here and, in the meantime, we'll see you on the battlefield!

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Re: RELEASE: The Mediterranean Patch! (1.0.9)

Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:21 am

Well done, the mod looks nicer.

I believe that you didn't use anti-bug bone for the textures because I lost the building textures and some unit textures after some time of game.
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Re: RELEASE: The Mediterranean Patch! (1.0.9)

Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:20 pm

Great job on the patch, love it allot, but I have a question regarding the Maltese:

Why the Imperial units have to be in they're real colors instead instead oh being the color oh the player?
How can I change my name ._. ?

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