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Wars of Liberty Team
Wars of Liberty Team
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Wars of Liberty's Affiliate Mods

Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:00 am


Hey all! We've just added a new mod to our affiliates so I thought now was as good a time as any to highlight the ones you can find on this forum! Please take the time to check out these fantastic and unique mods, and be sure to keep an eye on this thread as we continue to announce new WoL affiliates!

Ancient Empires
Forum LinkModDB Page
Leader: Tzommar
The most intense battles! The most epic conquests! A game that will require a more strategic thinking to defeat your enemies, and eventually your erstwhile allies. Grow your tribe to dominate the region, establish your army, expand your kingdom and finally make it a Great Empire above all the others! The new timeline will extend from 3000 BC until the year 1 AD. Three thousand years of to appreciate the true first great empires of humanity. You can experience the story of fourteen magnificent civilizations of the ancient world, not necessarily the most remembered, but surely Great Empires.

Struggle of Indonesia
Forum LinkModDB Page
Leader: Pepp
The first and the biggest Indonesian mod for AOE III: The Asian Dynasties. Struggle of Indonesia Premiere brings to you a whole new continent, a whole new civs, and a whole new experience. Play as Erucakran and fight for Prince Diponegoro, play as Surakarta and save your people from the ongoing Java War, play as Yogyakarta and defend your throne, or play as Mangkunegara and crush the rebels.

Wars of Middle-Earth
Forum LinkModDB Page
Leader: Checanos
Wars of Middle-Earth is a total conversion modification for Age of Empires III and both of it's expansion packs that is in progress. It brings the world of Tolkien's Middle-Earth to life with new playable Realms, Maps, Natives, Ages, Politicians, Units, Improvements... and much more. This modification is clean, balanced, historically accurate, and draws inspiration from both Peter Jackson's movie saga and also J.R.R. Tolkien's books.

The King's Return
Forum LinkModDB Page
Leader: wyteraven
King's Return is a free fan-based mod for the game Age of Empires 3 and its two official expansions. The mod will stick with AOE III timeline but will focus on early timeline of the original game i.e 16th 17th and 18th centuries. The main emphasis is introduce new civilizations approximately existed in the same era. The mod will feature 4 totally new civilizations: Mongols (Timurids), Persians (Safavids), Oyo Kingdom (African), Kongo Kingdom (African) and Knights Hospitaller (Maltese).

Age of Dynasties
Forum LinkModDB Page
Leader: Huanglukuzhu, Omkar_Satapathy
Age of Dynasties provides you a brand new game. You do have access to 17 new civilizations: British, French, Swedish, Spanish, Russians, Prussians, Austrians, Ottomans, Mongols, Ming, Manchurian, Indians, Persians, Koreans, Japanese, Indochinese and Polish. All civilizations are totally complete with their home-cities, researches and units. Tons of new units and buildings for all civilizations. It has a nice AI for Strategic games. Technologies and Age upgrades are very unified for all civilizations. A new building called Command Center is available, that can be used to make different plans and Strategies. New Maps are also available with Day Night Cycles. Another good thing is that this mod works without altering the original game. So that you can play original game any time. It contains tons more of new stuff. You must play this mod to reveal more amazing surprises.

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