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Ancient Empires Team
Ancient Empires Team
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Meet Ancient Empires

Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:46 am

Live the History!
The most intense battles! The most epic conquests!

A game that will require a more strategic thinking to defeat your enemies, and eventually your erstwhile allies.

Grow your tribe to dominate the region, establish your army, expand your kingdom and finally make it a Great Empire above all the others!

In Age of Empires III: Ancient Empires you will relive the Ancient Era, from 3000 BC until the year 1 AD. Three thousand years to appreciate the true first great empires of humanity. You can experience the story of many magnificent civilizations of the ancient world, not necessarily the most remembered, but surely Great Empires.

Bring your army to intense battles! Join your tribe to epic conquests! Expand your kingdom and make it a Great Empire to dominate the known world!

You will lead your people to eternal glory, or your empire will be forgotten through the centuries?

Time has come. Come on this journey through the living history!

Meet Ancient Empires Cultural Concepts

In the games Age of Empires and Age of Empires IIculture was a distinction between different architectural types, known as Buildingsets. Since Age of Empires III: The Warchiefs culture began to designate a set of civilizations with common gameplay styles, and they may even have different Buildingsets.

Thus, the Ottomans, the Russians and the Portuguese are part of European culture, as the Indians, Chinese and Japanese, are part of Asian culture.

This latter concept is the same as you'll find in Age of Empires III: Ancient Empires.

For now we have four structured cultures:
  • African;
  • Mesopotamian;
  • Asian;
  • Hellenic.

Many Civilizations

This game is open to the world culture! We would  like to include empires from all the globe.
So, we will listen every suggestion of civilizations to be included.

For now we have ten confirmed civilizations:
  • Egyptians;
  • Cushites;
  • Assyrians;
  • Celts;
  • Carthaginians;
  • Romans;
  • Greeks;
  • and many others...
AoK-Friendly Features
Traditional Resources

In Ancient Empires we try to expand the ideas contained in the games of Age of Empires series. So, some contents that were not present Age of Empires III: Asian Dynasties, but were in Age of Kings, for example, can be included. One of the first additions of this kind was conducted in the types of natural resources that will be collected. Altogether there will be four:
  • Food;
  • Wood;
  • Gold;
  • Stone.
Easy Counter System

AoE3: Ancient Empires have a counter-system easy to follow, much like AoKArchery Infantry Cavalry Archery.
Also you'll be able to see many AoE1AoM and AoK units in the same game doing things you already expect they'll do if you've played any of these games.

Fun Multiplayer Game

AoE3: AE bring back the Team Bonuses for all civilizations! Also include many team features, Multiplayer rise again as a copelling and fun mode to play.

Challenger Singleplayer Game

Now the Singleplayer AI will be more smart and defiant. Will you be able to beat the Hardest AI?

And Much More

Ancient Empires also bring back many buildings and concepts from AoK and AoE1, for example: temples and priests will be much more relevant than in AoE3. You'll return to want them as in AoK.

Image Keep in Contact
We would like to strengthen our commitment of direct contact with the future players of AoE3: AE. Any suggestions are welcomed and heard. Please contact us here in the forum or in our ModDB page.
Image Track the game Feel free to make suggestions about civilizations and cultures as well. To increase the chances that your suggestion will be accepted, keep in mind that we seek to vary the culture and the local of empires and we seek the not so well known empires.

Also, if you want to join our team, send us a message.
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Rakatar Vicius
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Re: Meet Ancient Empires

Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:47 pm

Can I play with Wars Of Liberty and Ancient Empires ?
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Ancient Empires Team
Ancient Empires Team
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Re: Meet Ancient Empires

Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:46 am

Not at same time...
But you can have both instaled...
Once AE is released...

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