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The projects of Anti and his friends

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:42 am
by Antigonius
One of you might possibly ask "Why does Anti takes so long with Liberia and such" and so, after my friends blessings (and generally realising that you can do this in General Discussion) I present to you some of our projects, because I apparently have nothing else to do with my life. 
So, here's the list:
TPC-com ... m.pdf?dl=0
A simple game of 1v1 space ship combat, made in the world of TPC, a satiric hard-sci-fi world, balancing between a dystopia and dreams of the brave shiny future, decorated with both optimism and scepticism about new technologies.

Rulebook ... 9.pdf?dl=0 ... s.pdf?dl=0
A tabletop/forum strategy game set in the foreign world of Caldaern, a weird war-torn technofantasy world, where nothing is what it looks like, the standard tropes are deeply reconsidered and where kinda-WW1 tanks fight against giant pissed off geese with magic lasers! 

And that's all she wrote, really. Have anything to say? Wan't to know more about the universes? Found any bugs/typos? Just want to say that I'm a retard? Feel free to comment)

Re: The projects of Anti and his friends

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:43 pm
by Antigonius
So my sister had updated the Rulebook, wrote a Army Manual and made some sweet covers for this all. Check them out!

Rulebook: ... 9.pdf?dl=0
Additional Rules: ... s.pdf?dl=0
Holy Basileus Empire: ... d.pdf?dl=0

Re: The projects of Anti and his friends

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:21 am
by Antigonius
Gosh, two years fly by quickly, eh? Anyway, the news are as following:
I've finished y own tabletop game about 17 century battles, called "Ruin: Cossacks, Steel and Magic"
Though ideally I would like to make it into an actual PC game, as it stands, this is a Turn-based tabletop strategy game, that plays somewhat similar to turn-based strategy games such as Disciples and Heroes of Might and Magic, mixed with things like Necromunda and Age of Sigmar in terms of overall mechanics. I’ll explain what I mean, don’t worry.
The game of Cossacks is set in our Earth of seventeen century, to be more specific, it the time period of the Ruin: 1657-1687, when Ukrainian state had no coherent leadership and was in a state of civil war. I should reassure you all, that though the game is named after a historical event of one nation, it doesn't leave at that, and instead is planning to encompass every nation of that time period I can get my hands on, no matter how small or accepted it is. Though the game is primarily historical, the world of Cossacks also features magical elements in form of folk believes and magic made manifest. Though this aspect of the game is entirely optional, Players will be able to field and battle against both mortal and immortal foe alike.
The gameplay of the game is simple.
Two players enter on a hexagonal map of various size, the standard is 16x16 (subject to change), and deploy their units in their respective zones of deployment. Players control single units (unlike HoMM or Kings Bounty), that are capable of gaining experience points for killing enemy units and then leveling up, modifying it’s stats or even turning into a different model entirely. Unless specified, the fight goes either to to the last men or until there are alive, non-retreating enemy units on the battlefield, though scenarios exist.

The current playable factions are as follows:

Zaporozhian Host
The main strength of a Cossack Army is its flexibility: your average Cossack is cheap, pretty easy to get and is proficient in both shooting and melee, not to mention that should the Player choose so, he can further boost his Cossacks by various specialists. The downside of this faction comes from it’s flexibility – Cossacks are jacks of all trades, but masters of none. They take a long time to be trained into their specialist forms and can’t hold a punch due to almost no heavy Armoured infantry or cavalry forces.
For a Cossack Player, one mistake on the battlefield can cost him his entire Host, that took him weeks, if not months to build, and so running from a battle is a viable option.
Another strong point of the Host lies in their Magical Units. Cossacks are one of few nations that can train their standard Magical Infantry from a regular Tier 1 unit, but should Kharakternyks prove to be inefficient, one can always go to the Devil for help. The Hetmanate is famous for it’s magic and spirits roaming around and most of the quests will involve Magic in one way or another. Ukrainian Chorts are one of the most powerful units in the game, but their services come with a price...
    • Cossacks are early Tier 3 units that are good in everything. 
    • Zaporhizhian Tier 4 is one of the strongest elites in the Game. 
    • Cheap Mercenaries
    • Strong emphasis on Magical Units and Magic in general. 
    • Cossacks take a lot of time to level-up and require a lot of tactical planning to make them shine. 
    • Tier 4 is hard to get and is hard to restore if killed. 
    • Mercenary Units are hard locked to players Political Sub-Faction. 
    • Most Magic Units will worsen your relationship with most of the sub-factions and are unpredictable in their effects.  
Crimean Khanate
In contrast to Zaporhizhian Cossacks, Crimeans feature a very weak roster with almost no Armour and almost entirely made from cavalry. But those who think that this is a weakness, are greatly mistaken. Crimean main strength comes from their speed, their bows and their numbers. Most of Players abilities are specifically tailored to make your army more maneuverable, always knowing when to pick fights and on what terrain. Once on the battlefield, your advantages become even more clear – though they don’t have the power of the musket, Crimean Bow has a longer range and an experienced unit can pepper the enemy with arrows from a safe distance, without fear of retribution. And finally, Crimean Hordes are never small – there is not a lot of factions that can wield the same numbers as you and in contrast to Cossacks, Crimean player can very easily recover from even the greatest losses.
However, this faction also requires skill to play: in hands of an experience Mirza, your units shall be the scourge of the Plains, but use them foolishly or against a stronger enemy, and you will be destroyed.
    • One of the cheapest units in the game to hire and maintain. 
    • Most of Crimean Regular Units are ranged cavalry, that out ranges 90% of other Faction Units. 
    • Players will almost never be ambushed, but are good at ambushing themselves. Most of the players skills and abilities revolve around sabotaging and debuffing enemy units.
    • Low-maintenance Political sub-factions
    • Though cheap, their payment gets bigger, the more units you have. 
    • The majority of Crimean Units are bad in melee and must avoid it at all costs. They also rarely have Armour until Tier 3.
    • Almost no Magical Units and Magical Defence.
    • Severe lack of easily available Artillery and Infantry. 
    • Most Mercenaries will only be with you for a limited number of battles. 
    • Raid-based economy.

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth enters the fray with a very diverse roster of units, capable of both playing defensive and dishing damage with the help of their faction specific and mercenary units. Representing their mostly levee and household army, units of the Commonwealth don’t have any upgrade trees, making them easy to recruit and maintain, however they pay for this versatility with generally lower morale and special requirements for hiring units, during Campaigns. 
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is also unique in its magic – serving as the border between the Catholic and Orthodox World, the lands of the Commonwealth are filled with various spirits and demons and the people of the Commonwealth are experts in dealing with them.
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is one of the few factions, who is allowed to use political sub-faction specific units in Tournaments.
    • Diverse and flexible roster of units.
    • Units don’t have any upgrade trees. 
    • One of the few Factions, specialized in Anti-Magic combat. 
    • Has one of the best heavy cavalry in the game.
    • One of X factions in the game that have a purely neutral political sub-faction. 
    • Most units are locked under specific conditions, serve only temporarily and are nearly identical stat-wise.
    • A lot of units have mediocre morale and stats.
    • Faction-specific units are very expensive. 
    • Very radical and unforgiving political sub-factions. 

Swedish Empire
The first of Scandinavian Factions, Swedish Empire boasts a simple, yet awesome army capable of dealing a ridiculous amount of damage to a reckless player, but also lacking heavy protection and heavy-armored cavalry. Sweden is good in attacking and defending objectives, but will struggle against elite or heavily specialized armies.
To combat this, Players will utilize one of the unique mechanics available to Scandinavian Factions: National abilities. Instead of choosing a political sub-faction, Sweden Players shall choose his commanders nationality, that will give him a unique rule to use on the battlefield. Should this fail, they can also boost their armies with cheap mercenaries and Magical creatures (if they’re desperate enough).
    • Players get a special rule that affects the entire battlefield. Rules depend on players nationality. 
    • High Morale and high Damage Musketeers
    • Veteran Units have at least one defining Rule or Ability. 
    • Cheap Mercenaries
    • The rules can be used by the Enemy Player to his advantage. 
    • Units are expensive to hire and maintain. 
    • Almost all regular units have a hire limit.
    • Lacking in heavy protection and cavalry.
    • Magic Units give significant Morale penalty to the majority of your Regular Units.

Tsardom of Muscovy
From first glance, Tsardom of Muscovy may appear as unintuitive and confusing copy of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but woe to those, who underestimate them! The main strength of Muscovy lies in their tenacity to fight, the ease they replenish casualties and the special abilities of their units, some of which can double your army size. And in addition to that, they do not fight alone. Vassals, client states, peoples and tribes go along noble cavalry, providing both tactical and magical advantages to your army, Europeans can only dream off!
    • Diverse roster of units that can be tailored against most armies.  
    • Units don’t have any upgrade trees.  
    • Can easily replenish losses in Campaigns.  
    • One of X factions with access to flying units.
    • Low-maintenance, but unforgiving political sub-factions.  
    • The wast majority of units are locked under specific conditions. Those that aren’t locked are of a mediocre quality and require level ups to be useful. 
    • Elite units are expensive and in some cases are worse then their counterparts. 
    • Most magical units are actively blocked, if used certain units. 
    • A lot of units have a dizzying range of options and abilities. 
Ottoman Empire
The first of the Imperial Factions in the game, Ottoman military might on the battlefield is dependent on the commanders rank and influence: from Alay Beys, commanding only small units of cavalry, to influential and powerful Beylerbeys, capable of unleashing the full might of the Ottoman Empire upon the enemy! This makes them a very dangerous enemy in large-scale battles, with elite Kapikulu corps issued to you by the Sultan himself, but a very fragile and strategic one in small-scale, where you only command a small number of available units, limiting your tactical options.
With the Ottomans, you wanna go big, be very defensive or bring a friend.
    • The biggest artillery park in the game (so far)
    • A large variety of auxiliary troops. 
    • Powerful commander units, deadly in combat and able to provide with a plethora of support abilities and special rules.  
    • Most common units in the army have mediocre stats or terrible morale. 
    • The availability of units is dependent upon the commander units Tier.
    • Though powerful, death of commander will mean massive morale and rule penalties for nearly all of your units. 

Main Don Host
Like Zaporhozhians, Don Cossack army is a flexible arrangement of strong units upgraded further with elite, but hard to get units. Where they differ, however is in their style of gameplay, favoring more cavalry and hit and run warfare, compared to a more defensive style of Zaporhozhian Host. In addition, where Ukrainians find strength in numbers, in Don it's every man for himself and they suffer no moral penalties from their own casualties, can heal themselves and even know some simple spells!
    • Cossacks are early Tier 3 units that are good in everything. 
    • Don Tier 4 is one of the strongest elites in the Game. 
    • Free Mercenaries.
    • Units get no penalties for friendly casualties.
    • Strong emphasis on Magic and Cavalry. 
    • Cossacks take a lot of time to level-up and require a lot of tactical planning to make them shine. 
    • Tier 4 is hard to get and is hard to restore if killed. 
    • Most Units are designed for Hit and Run and won’t stand long in an open battle. 
    • Demanding and ruthless political sub-factions. 

You can check/download the game here

Next on the list will be an Addon with Holy Roman Empire, Danubian Principalities (and possibly Denmark-Norway). 
In the near future, there is a chance of making an WWI-Interwar game with the same ruleset as well. 

And that's kind-off it. I will probably post updates and stuff here, if someone's interested.