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Jesuit Priest
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Trouble finding Guanera

Tue May 15, 2018 7:20 am

   I have trouble finding Guanera, which is the Peruvians's unique building.
Anyone know how to find/build it ? Thanks. :)
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Re: Trouble finding Guanera

Tue May 15, 2018 2:11 pm

the Guanera is the peruvian unique building that is used in naval map only
-> first, unlock and research this card: "Guanera Wagon", which is in "Club de la Unión" section
-> after this card is researched, a fishing ship will be delivered in HC water flag point, that is the guanera wagon
-> select that unit, and choose the section in water zone that is suitable for you to build Guanera, i strongly recommend that don't build too far in order not to this building will be destroyed by enemies war ships
-> this Guanera building here looks somewhat same as silver mine, but has some birds ... can gather coin. only fishing boat can gather coin in this building, i suggest that you wait until Guanera can be fully grown to do so (like fatten herdable animals)
(note: if you receive another hc card after you have researched "Guanera Wagon" card and the Guanera has been built, you will see the xp trickle rate in the hc shipment point (not the HC water flag point) )
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