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Wars of Liberty Team
Wars of Liberty Team
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Major Sockpuppet Ring Uncovered!

Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:32 am

It has come to our knowledge that a person has created multiple accounts on this forum. Said person has been using them to create topics of highly questionable quality, post nonsense or one-word replies in other topics, spread misinformation and to insult the forum and its users.

The accounts below were made by that person, as most of the posts made by these users came from the same IP address:
Since this is clearly a violation of WoL Forum's Rule #10, all of these accounts will be permanently banned.
Additionally, all the topics started by any of the users listed above will be locked, and we ask everyone to ignore the posts made by any of these accounts in other topics.

This topic was created both due to the number of users being banned and to show that this kind of behavior is not tolerated. Any future update on this situation will be posted here.

2018.04.27: ASAUASHSHAS, João cara de José, Kamikaze, ppccrazy and Veni Vidi Vici have been added to the list.
2018.04.29: Leticia222superv and Olá have been added to the list.
2018.07.07: Fred has been added to the list.
2018.07.08: Sir Magisky has been added to the list.
2018.07.28: Volpado has been added to the list.
2018.07.31: See_more and Crazy Flasher have been added to the list.
2018.08.04: Más y Menos has been added to the list.
2018.08.05: Chicharito and VAI TOMA NO CU have been added to the list.
2018.08.12: Billy_Numerous, Brazilian Wars, CMPETSO and Maceval have been added to the list.
2018.08.24: Brazil Wins and CrostaX7 have been added to the list.
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Mooing Cow
Mooing Cow
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Re: Major Sockpuppet Ring Uncovered!

Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:09 pm

Oh, thank you so much, my love! I do not know how to thank you, very kind of you, baby!

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