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Age of Empires 4

Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:21 pm

These are some of my ideas for a possible Age of Empires 4. :check:
Actually, they're not only mine anymore.
Thanks for everybody that suggested some change, tech, unit, civ and campaign act.
There are so many people to list they here, and I won't forget to mention anyone.

As you'll see, the game period starts about 1845 and ends about 1945.
I know that's not all complete, but if you've some suggestions or comments, I would be glad to read them.
Please, give feedback.

I - Unification Age
II - Industrial Age
III - Great War Age
IV - World War Age
V - Atomic Age

1. Game period: 1845 to 1945.
2. History: You're in a small town in somewhere near the border or in a conquered territory owned by the nation you belong.
Your mission is to make this town grow up, build up a strong army, defend your own territory and conquer new lands to your nation.

3. Start: Classic Age series style. One scout unit (Commander) and a few villagers (Citizens) plus some resources.
4. Resources:
Food: for units and techs.
Wood: for buildings and techs.
Oil: for units and techs.
Money: for buildings, units and techs.

5. Age up: You won't age up like in the series before. For each age advance you will choose between age up first your military or your social level.
Of course you will be forced to age up both during the game, but you can choose which of them you wanna age up first.

5.1. Aging up the Social level: When aging up the society level all your buildings will receive a +5% hitpoint bonus, and you will grant acess to new no-militar buildings and units, as well as economical techs. 
5.2. Aging up the Military level: When doing that, all you units will receive a +5% hitpoints bonus, plus you will grant early acess to new military units, military techs and military buildings.

I.E.: If you're in Age I, and you've enough resources to age up, you'll choose between boost your town military or economical first. Let's say that you choose to age up the military level first.
Ok, now you've acess to some of the Age II military units. You may think in rush the enemy but don't forget... economically, you're still in Age I... 
Now, let's say that you have enough resources to advance your military level to the Age III. Allright, you can do that, but remember that you'll miss some buildings and economically you'll be still in Age I!! 
But you can also advance only the society level. You'll soon have a strong economy, but you won't be able to produce any good military unit to defend your civ.
So, you've to advance both levels to make a good game, but you'll be able to choose witch "age up" will be better to your strategy. Got it?

6. Advance cost:
II - Military = 400 food
II - Social = 400 food
III - Military = 500 oil / 500 Money
III - Social = 500 food / 500 wood
IV - Military = 800 oil / 800 Money
IV - Social = 800 food / 800 wood
V - Military = 2000 oil / 2000 Money
V - Social = 2000 food / 2000 wood

7. Cards and Shipments: There will be availabe, and be sent by the Capital of your country or by Colonies that your nation has.
8. Alliances: They will be made as in AoE3, but instead of native tribes, you'll be able to ally with factions of minor nations involved at war.
9. Trade Routes: They will be similar to AoE3 ones, but with some differences. There will be the neutral routes that everybody knows, whit a neutral train passing by, but...
9.1. Raildroads: Now you can build Train Stations near your Town Centers and, after building another Train Station in a neutral site of the main and neutral Railroad OR in an allied site, you will be able to create your own Railroad, between these two stations with your own train in that Railroad.
9.2. Naval Trade Routes: There will be naval trade routes as well. With sites to you build up your Ports and neutral ships passing by them just like the original Trade Routes of AoE3. Also, you will be able to build up your own merchant ships, that your enemy sure will target.
Of course you can build up a Port wherewer you want, but to it be inserted in the Naval Trade Route you've to build it in specific sites.

10. Mercenaries: Yes, you can get extra units the same way you get in AoE3. They're not exactly Mercenaries thoug, but meny volunteers that join your case or troops sent by your colonies. Due that, some of these units are free.
11. Findings: They will be similar to AoE3 Treasures, relics or units guarded by wild animals or by independent militias.
12. Victory Conditions:
Anihilation: you've to kill all enemy units and buildings to win.
Skill: you can set an ammount of points, xp, units or time. Who reachs that ammount first or who has the higher score at that time wins.
Supremacy: everyone knows it.
Terrytory Control: you can get it after stablish Embassies in every minor nations sites and controlling at least half of the neutral trade routes sites.

13. Copying Enemy Techs:
You will be able to train Agents, the upgrated version of Spies. They can reveal which techs were researched in any enemy building, and you will be able to copy one of them by the half of the price. Of course, if you Agent survives the process...

14. Team Bonuses: Like in AoK, you civ receive and adds a bonus to the allieds in team games. In Age V you can also obtain acess to the allied unique techs by researching the "Shared Allied Technologies" in the Capitol.
15. Changing the Civilization: You start with a civ, but in the advance to Age IV (Age III for USA and Japan) you can change your main civ to a sligthy different one, just like USA can become the Confederacy, Russia can become USSR and so on.
Nation (characteristic): description 
Optional Nation (characteristic): description

1. Playable:
1.1. Austria-Hungary (Expansionist): They receive a free Town Center vehicle to each Social age up. 
Hungary (Defensive): Instead of a Town Center truck, you receive two Casemates trucks for each Social age up.

1.2. France (Cultural): Their bonus affect the economic and social levels, with 10% less cost to economic buildings and Social aging up.
Vicci France (Diplomatic): All minor allied and shipment units are 20% cheaper.

1.3. Germany (Agressive): All military units are trained 10% faster.
Nazi Germany (Technological): All techs, except aging up, cost 10% less to the germans.

1.4. Italy (Religious): They focus the religous life and can convert enemies. They also can build Churches in the Age I.
Fascist Italy (Militarist): Bishops cannot convert anymore, but regular infantry is 10% cheaper.

1.5. Feudal Japan (Traditional): All food is 10% faster gathered.
Japan (Brave): All their Unique Units give them extra XP and can slowly regenerate for free.

1.6. United Kingdom (Colonial): All shipment units are cheaper and arrive faster.
Commonwealth (Globalized): They have much more variety of allies and resources in their card decks than the other nations.

1.7. Russia (Authoritarian): They create infantry units in batches, making the total cost cheaper.
USSR (Manpower): They receive 5 free Comrades for each social age up.

1.8. USA (Industrial): A nation that can build one more factory and bank over the limit to support a constant growing army.
Confederacy (Agrarian): They receive a free trickle of food.

1.9. Ottoman Empire (Imperialist): Their artillery trains 10% faster.
Turkey (Commercial): Their Trains and Merchants move 10% faster.

2. Alliances:
As in AoE3 each nation adds its own techs and units.

Arab Tribes


3. Team Bonuses
Austria-Hungary / Hungary: You can call the Resistence twice the normal.
France / Vicci France: Trenches are cheaper and upgrade automatically.
Germany / Nazi Germany: Submarines attack increased.
Italy / Fascist Italy: Slighty cheaper houses.
Feudal Japan / Japan: Fishing ships are cheaper.
United Kingdom / Commonwealth: Anti-Aerial Batteries are stronger.
Russia / USSR: Snipers have a greater attack.
USA / Confederacy: Battleships have more hitpoints.
Ottoman Empire / Turkey: Trains and Merchant Ships have more hitpoints.


Name: description

1. Alps: A mountainous terrain, with some strategic passages. One central neutral Railroad sneaks between the mountains and the local alliances provide great advantage. Low oil map though.
2. Australia: A huge mass land sorrounded by water. Sometimes one or more little islands will appear around. Plenty resources in sea and inland.
3. Balcans: A high terrain, with some clifs and depressions. Two neutral Railroads cross the map. Many possible local alliances avaliable.
4. Black Forest: A dense forest, with only a few space to building up. Resources are spread all over the map and you may move Citizens far of your Town Center to ghather them. One central Railroad crosses the map from North to South.
5. Burma: A rainforest, sorrounded by some mountains and withouth any allied nor Railroad. Instead, this map has many (but many!) findings.
6. Gallipoli: Quite defensive map. You start anywhere from on the beach below to up in the hills above the cliffs. There's some water, but otherwise it's quite dry. There's little food, other than fish. A player who starts on the beach has an advantage in gathering from the ocean, whereas one who starts above the cliffs can take advantage of those areas. There are also trenches and chokepoints scattered around the hills. Just how I imagine it, anyway. You can ally with the Australians or Greeks.
7. Hunsrick: A map with some neutral bridges, crossing over some rivers that cross in many directions, dividing the map in 3 or 4 different land masses. There will always be 1 or 2 neutral Railroads crossing the neutral bridges.
8. Manchuria: Sort of Anatolia of AoM map, but with a central Railroad and sea only in one side.
9. Mediterranean: A central sea, sorrounded by land, except in the west border. Sometimes there's a central island with usefull treasures.
10. Midway: Two islands whith low resources in land, but many on sea. The players start only with a small naval force and have to build the first Town Center, as in a Nomad game.
11.North Sea: No land trade routes, but a naval one. Two land masses support the players, that are divided by the North Sea, which is plenty of oil.
12. Pacific Islands: Lots of small islands, some of them with only one kind of resource. You've to control many of them in the way of support a big navy and airforce. No land Trade Routes, but two or three Naval ones.
13. Palestine: Half the map is land, and the other half is water. The land is quite too dry, and ally with the local inhabitants offer a great advantage.
14. Sahara: A low resources terrain, where ally with the local tribes is crucial due they specialized techs. Only one neutral Railroad that crosses the edge of the map.
15. Siberia: A cold land without allies. One single Railroad crosses the map and the resources are in many different places. There are many frozen water pounds where Infantry units can move over, but vehicles and artillery can't. So, the twisted Railroad is almost the only way to move your mechanized units through the map.
16. Scandinavia: A cold land sorrounded by a cold sea as well. Fishing and collect oil in sea is crucial. The open land offers lots of strategic moves.
17. Trench War: Each player starts entrenched. The devastated central land doesn't offer any resource, but there are plenty in the edges of the map.
18. Urals: Sometimes a cold land, with low resources, sometimes a cool land with a river and lots of resources. You never know what exactly you'll face, until the weather and terrain will change all you attack plans.
The campaign is again divided in 3 Acts.
You continue following the history of the Black family.

1. Act 1 (Brothers in Arms): Chayton Black is the son of Amelia Black. When War breaks out between North and South, Amelia forbids Chayton to join the U.S. Army, but Chayton does it anyway. He is stationed in Illinois, where he meets black soldier Thomas West and other soldier Conrad Schiller. They fight battles with the confederate army and it eventually leads them to the battle of Gettysburg. Conrad dies in action and Chayton learns that the Circle of Ossus plans to supply the Confederacy with a new kind of vehicle (a tank prototipe) that would change the war tide. Chayton and his battalion stops them finally in Chattanooga, destroying the prototype before the main battle. (this is a prologue to Aoe3: the Warcheifs Act Shadow.)

2. Act 2 (Hot Times): Avaliable only for the X-Pack: Bruce Black is the 25 year old son of Chayton Black. He leaves his Sioux village and his half Sioux father and white mother behind. He does his best to create railroads crosscountry for the Falcon company (after meeting his grandmother Amelia), when he is recruited into the U.S. Marines the same time as the Spanish American War. He meets fellow soldier Artemis Gordon who is in the same platoon as he is. They make it from Florida to Cuba and begin conflict with the Spanish. Bruce then becomes an officer and fights on San Juan Hill. He is beaten back ad then takes a horse and helps lead the cavalry to victory there. Later, he is sent back to mainland to manage the Company with Gordon.

3. Act 3 (Turn of the Century): Bruce Black is the 28 year old grandson of Amelia Black. After the US war agains the Sioux, the Falcon Company lost many railroads and the government won't contract them so early. When Bruce see a new opportunity in North Africa, he sail to help the British to build up a new railroad through the desert. There, he knows Ashley Burns, an archelologist and the daughter of the main financier of the project. Both start to face a lot of attempts to stop the railroad, including local tribes that revolt against the British dominance. After some adventures, they find out that's everything about a conspiracy of the legendary Circle of Ossus and the Turkey Empire, that want to unleash a secret and old power in a lost egyptian archeological site. All this campaign is about the Age I and II.
4. Act 4 (Wings to Fire): Now you're the son of Bruce and Ashley, James. You're living in America when the WW I starts, but you ideologic character makes you to join the British army as a volunteer. You're training to be serve in the cavalry, but the changes that are occurring in the military turns the cavalry obsolete. So, you're transfered to the all new Royal Air Force. After a couple of missions, your biplane is shot down by the Red Baron and you find yourself stuck behind the enemy lines. You've to find your way back, through devastated places and trenches full of enemy soldiers. All this act takes place in Age II and III.
5. Act 5 (Hounds of War): Avaliable only in the X-Pack. Always trying to live up to his father James' standards, Geoffrey Black, the young brother of Sam Black (see next act) become a paratrooper in the U.S. Army and find himself at Rome. He is sent there to help the allies retake it. When Rome is taken, Geoffrey and its battalion help destroy many Nazi outposts, fighting in many places and meeting the Brazilian Expeditionary Force before they are sent over Normandy during the last stages of the battle. There, with the help of British and Canadian divisions, they must succesfully take Normandy or Europe will be in turmoil and the Circle can finish what Nazi Germany started.
6. Act 6 (Pacific End): James older son, Sam Black, joins the US Navy. He is assigned to Pearl Harbor when the japanese strike happens. After that, Sam starts fighting the japanese in the Pacific front, eventually taking part of the battles of Midway, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. But Sam refuses to scort the bomber that will throw the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima, and he's desmist of the military service without any honour.
7. Act 7 (Old Tales): Avaliable only in the X-Pack. Geofrey and Sam investigate about the Circle plans and history, and then they join an adventure to find out who's behind all these last events and world wars. They finnaly get their objective, but Geofrey dies in the action against the Circle, who is (supposedly) finished.


Building (Age)[cost]: description
All these ages are from Social age up tree.

1. Town Center (I & III) / City Hall (III) / Capitol (V)[600 wood]: The building where you create Citizens, age up and research some techs. You can build aditional Town Centers in Age III, after you upgrade your start Town Center to a City Hall. A Town Center doesn't have attack by itself, but a City Hall does and its stronger. You can also transform you City Hall into a Capitol in Age V, which have anti-aerial defenses, is even stronger, has new techs and can produce several no-military units as well.
2. House (I)[100 wood] / Building (III)[200 wood]: Support population. Houses support 10 and you can upgrade the houses for buildings, that are stronger, support 25 population, but cost more.
3. Mill (I)[200 wood]: There you have crops, just like AoE3.
4. Port (I)[200 wood]: The AoE4 version of the Docks, has only civilian purposes. You can build them on Naval Trade Route sites, to stablish a naval trade route. Or you can build them wherever you want, to build fishing or oiler ships. The Port can also exchange resources, just like the old Market of the Age series.
5. Train Station (II)[250 wood]: Replaces the Market of previous games, and is the local for exchange resources. Also has the same rule as the Trade Posts located in Trade Routes of AoE3.
6. Church (II)[200 wood]: There you can produce Chaplains and research some techs. Also, all units near a Church have their hitpoints increased in +10%.
7. Factory (II)[200 wood / 200 Money]: Can produce food, Money, wood or some units for free. But, different from AoE3, the rate is determinated by the number of Citizens assigned to work in them. The build limit is two per Age.
8. Bank (III)[400 wood]: Now avaliable to all nations. They generate Money but now you can resarch techs to increase the rate they produce it. You can only have one of it by Town Center.
9. Bridge (III) / Advanced Bridge (V)[50 wood each part of max 5 parts]: The bridges you can build are limited in lenght and in quantity. You can't build them on sea until the V Age (Social age up), but you can build about two or three in a map that has a river.
10. University (III)[150 wood / 150 Money]: There you can research lots of civil or military techs. And age up away of your Town Center.
11. Hospital (IV)[500 wood]: Heal nearby units, has usefull techs and also allow you to create Citizens away of your Town Center.
12. Refinery (IV)[200 wood / 200 Money]: Just like the Bank, but it produces oil. You can build one Refinery by Age and its techs benefit all oil collection (sea, land or automatic prodution).
Building (Age): description
All these ages are from Military age up tree.

1. Outpost (I) / Advanced Outpost (II) / Casemate (III) / Bunker (IV) / Advanced Bunker (V)[250 wood]: Defensive building, good against infantry and most ships. Resistent to aerial units, but can't attack them.
2. Obstacle (II) / Trench (III) / Barbed Wire Trench (IV) / Mined Camp and Trench (V)[5 wood each part]: Replace the walls. Different of previos games, infantry units can be garrissoned into it and the enemies can pass by them. What's the use them? The Trenches can't be destroyed and all infantry garrissoned into Trenchs have 10% more hitpoints, while enemy troops that cross them automatically will loose hitpoints. Including vehicles.
3. Barracks (II)[200 wood]: Where you create infantry units.
4. Artillery Factory (II)[250 wood]: Where you create artillery units.
5. Military Academy (II)[300 wood]: Where you produce Cavalry and some other elite troops.
6. Shipyard (II)[200 wood]: The military version of the old Docks. All military ships are produced here.
7. Embassy (II)[250 wood]: The same thing that the Trade Posts that you had built on the native villages in AoE3. There you produce allied units and research allied techs.
8. Anti-aerial Canon (III) / Anti-aerial Battery (IV) / Heavy Anti-aerial Battery (V)[250 wood]: Similar to the AoE3 Towers, but they protect only from aerial units.
9. War Factory(III)[250 wood]: Where you create vehicles.
10. Command Camp (III) / Headquarter (IV) / Military Base (V)[450 wood / 450 Money]: Replaces the Forts of AoE3. You can produce any infantry and vehicles in the Command Camp. Once upgrated, it becomes stronger and you can produce artillery units as well. In the late game you can produce even aerial units. You can have only one of this building per time. But when it's destroyed, you can build it again.
11. Conscript Center (III)[250 Money]: Replaces the Saloon. You can conscript foreign units to fight in your side, as well as train allied units in it.
12. Airport (III)[300 wood]: There you can produce fighters and bomber units.
13. Laboratory (V)[150 wood / 150 Money]: It's where you create the Atomic Bomb.
14. Missile Launcher (V)[250 wood]: Where you create Missiles to launch them at your enemy.
Unit (Age) = trained in: description

1. Commander (I) = Town Center: Almost the same of the Explorer. Can see Spies.
2. Citizen (I) = Town Center: The current villager. Get resources.
3. Resistence (I) = Town Center: A small group of armed Citizens that will fight to defend your town. Just like in AoE3.
4. Chaplain (II) = Church: Boost the attack and hitpoints of nearby units. Can also heal a group in a short area. Their attack is only symbolic.
5. Train (II) / Armored Train (III) / Heavy Armored Train (IV) / Extended Armored Train (V): Train that you can use in your own Railroad. From the Armored Train on, the Train can defend itself at least a bit again the enemy attacks.
6. Skirmisher (II) / Rifleman (III) / Infantry (IV) / Elite Infantry (V) = Barracks: The backbone of any army. Cheap infantry good against heavy infantry and Citizens. Also, usefull to take down no-defensive buildings.
7. Fusilier (II) / Anti-Vehicle Machine Gun (III) / Bazooka (IV) / Heavy Bazooka (V) = Barracks: A heavy infantry class, good against vehicles and cavalry.
8. Gattling Gun (II) / Machine Gun (III) / Heavy Machine Gun (IV) / Elite Machine Gun (V) = Barracks: An unit good against other kinds of infantry, but very weak against vehicles.
9. Cannon (II) / Artillery (III) / Heavy Artillery (IV) / Howitzer (V) = Artillery Factory: Good against buildings and other units, except vehicles. They also do well against ships and outrange the defensive buildings.
10. Courassier (II) / Dragoon (III) = Military Academy: The cavalry units are good agains buildings and infantry, except for their counters, the Fusilier line. They become obsolete after Age IV, but the units already in game can be upgrated to Halftracks due the tech "Mechanized Cavalry" avaliable in the Command Camp. Once this tech is researched you cannot create cavalry anymore.
11. Armored Vehicle (III) / Halftrack (IV) / Elite Halftrack (V) = War Factory: These units are weaker that the Tanks, but do well against infantry and Citizens. They can also transport infantry inside.
12. Anti-Aerial Vehicle (III) / Heavy Anti-Aerial Vehicle (IV) / Elite Anti-Aerial Vehicle (V) = War Factory: Weak against anything, but good against that nasty planes that can havoc all your moving army.
13. Tank (III) / Heavy Tank (IV) / Elite Tank (V) = War Factory: These units are very strong and good against other vehicles, buildings, artillery and infantry. They counters are the same of the Cavalry line and can be coutered by enemy Tanks too.
14. Marksman (III) / Sniper (IV) / Elite Sniper (V) = Military Academy: An unit with steal hability. It shows up only while attacking and is very good agains any infantry.
15. Mortar (III) / Heavy Mortar (IV) / Elite Mortar (V) = Military Academy: Good against buildings. For each upgrade, his area damage is increased by 1. Attacks only at range though.
16. Spy (III) / Agent (IV) / Special Agent (V) = Military Academy: Stealthy unit that can sneak into the enemy towns and see what's happening. Good against other Spies and Commanders. Weak against all other units. When upgrated to Agents, they can copy enemy techs, but become spotted in the process.
17.Flame Thrower (III) / Heavy Flame Thrower (IV) / Elite Flame Thrower (V) = Barracks: Good against buildings and regular infantry, but with low hitpoints and a short range.
18. Anti-Tank Gun (III) / Heavy Anti-Tank Gun (IV) / Elite Anti-Tank Gun (V) = Artillery Factory: A cannon good against vehicles.
19. Medic (IV) = Hospital: Has a decent attack, but few hitpoints. Can heal units, but one per time. Doesn't need recharge though. Can heal one, then other, then another... until he healed everyone. The healing isn't fast though.
Unit (Age) = trained in: description

1. Fishing Ship (I) = Port: To fish.
2. Oiler (I) = Port: To get oil in sea.
3. Vapor Ship (II) / Cargo Ship (III) / Merchant Ship (IV) = Port: Ship that sail in the Naval Trade Route. You've a build limit that's one per age.
4. Ironclad (II) / Dreadenough (III) / Battleship (IV) / Heavy Battleship (V) = Shipyard: A ship good agains other ships (except Submarines tree) and where you can create units, like a mix between the Galleys and Caravels of AoE3.
5. Steamship (II) / Destroyer (III) / Heavy Destroyer (IV) / Elite Destroyer (V) = Shipyard: A ship good against planes and Submarines, which can be spotted by them. It's weak against the other ships though.
6. Submarine (III) / Elite Submarine (IV) / Advanced Submarine (V) = Shipyard: Good against any ship, except the Destroyer tree, these units have stealth hability. They become spotted when they attack.
7. Biplane (III) / Fighter (IV) / Advanced Fighter (V) = Airport: Good against other planes and to attack units in ground.
8. Zeppelin (III) / Transport Plane (IV) / Advanced Transport Plane (V) = Airport: To spy the enemy positions and to transport troops, that can use parachutes from Age IV forward.
9. Bomber (IV) / Advanced Bomber (V) = Airport: Plane used to bombard enemy positions. Good against buildings. Has a slighty defense against Fighters.
10. Carrier (IV) / Heavy Carrier (V) = Shipyard: A huge ship that can create Fighter Bombers. The Carrier isn't good against anything by itself, but with their Fighter Bombers onboard... things change. Each time you create a Carrier you receive 2 Fighter Bombers for free with it.
11. Cruiser (IV) / Heavy Cruiser (V) = Shipyard: A ship good to attack land positions. Like the Monitors in AoE3.
12. Fighter Bomber (IV) / Advanced Fighter Bomber (V) = Carrier: Plane produced in the Carrier, that is good agains ships, bombers and buildings.
13. Atomic Bomb (V) = Laboratory: This thing can change a game a lot. Thus, to create them, its required that the player has done both Social and Military advance to the V Age. Once you've created one Atomic Bomb you've to assign it to any Bomber (or V2 if you're playing German) and send it to the enemy. If you Bomber is shot down you'll loose the precious content. If not, the bomb will erase anything in a huge area aroud the attack. It will anihilate any unit and building, no matter if its enemy or friend... and the terrain affected will become useless for the rest of the game. Any unit (except planes) wthat will pass through the affected area after the explosion will loose 50% of its hitpoints.
14. Missile (V) = Missile Launcher: A missile that you can throw at your enemy. Has a 4 area damage and bonus against buildings.
Unit (Age) = nation: description

1. Worker (I) = Austria-Hungary / Hungary: Replaces the Citizen. He gathers faster, is stronger, but cost slighty more than the regular unit.
2. Imperial Skirmisher (II) / Imperial Trooper (III) / Imperial Infantry (IV) / Elite Imperial Infantry (V) = Austria-Hungary: Replaces the Skirmisher tree. These units are stronger, but cost slighty more.
3. Grapeshot (II) / Imperial Artillery (III) / Heavy Imperial Artillery (IV) / Elite Imperial Artillery (V) = Austria-Hungary: An option to the regular Artillery tree. They are cheaper, make more damage against infantry and vehicles, but less against buildings than regular Artillery. They've less range too.
4. Brigadier (IV) / Elite Brigadier (V) = Hungary: A cross between the Fusilier and Skirmisher trees. Good against vehicles, Civilians and stronger than normal Riflemen.
5. Turan Tank (IV) / Turan II Tank (V) = Hungary: A tank with a higher bonus against enemy Artillery units.
6. Gendarmare (II) / Elite Gendarmare (III) = France / Vicci France: They replace the regular Cavalry tree. They are stronger but more expensive.
7. Renault FT-17 (III) / Charron Tank (IV) = France / Vicci France: They replace the regular Tank tree. These tanks have a better rate of fire than the regular ones, but cost slighty more too.
8. Heavy Cannon (II) / Light Howitzer (III) / Medium Howitzer (IV) / Heavy Howitzer (V) = France: They replace the regular Cannon tree. They're more expensive, but have a greater range of attack.
9. Underground Resistence (IV) / Elite Resistence (V) = France: An option to the regular troops, these guys are very weak, but have a better attack and can use stealth mode. They're also good against enemy military buildings.
10. State Soldier (IV) / Elite State Soldier (V) = Vicci France: A strong Rifleman tree kind unit, also good against buildings, but more expensive than the regular ones.
11. A7V Tank (III) / Panzerkampfwagen (IV) / Panzer Tiger (V) = Germany / Nazi Germany: They replace the regular Tank tree. These tanks have a better armor than the regular ones and an increased bonus against buildings, but cost slighty more too.
12. Fokker Triplane (III) / BF 109 Friedrich (IV) / ME 163 Komet (V) = Germany / Nazi Germany: They replace the Fighters tree. They're stronger, faster and cost slighty more than the regular ones. The Komet it's somewhat like a jet fighter.
13. U 9 U-Boat (III) / IXB U-Boat (IV) / Advanced U-Boat (V) = Germany / Nazi Germany: They replace the regular Submarines tree. They are more expensive, but have a higher attack and have slighty more hitpoints.
14. Volksturm (IV) / Elite Volksturm (V) = Germany: Unique upgrade to regular Rifleman tree. They are cheaper but have less attack too.
15. MG-42 (IV) / MG-45 (V) = Nazi Germany: Unique upgrade line to the Machine Gun tree. Faster to mount than the counterparts, and with a higher bonus against infantry, but weaker agains other units.
16. Bishop (II) = Italy / Fascist Italy: Replaces the Chaplain. Has a greater range, can do everything a Chaplain does and also convert enemy units (this hability is disabled when the Fascist are choosed).
17. Bersaglieri (III) / Bersaglieri Pesante (IV) / Bersaglieri d'Elite (V) = Italy / Fascist Italy: Replaces the Sniper tree. They're cheaper, but have less attack.
18. Curazieri (II) / Curazieri d'Elite (III) = Italy / Fascist Italy: They replace the Cavalry tree. They occupy less pop slots, but have a lower attack.
19. Soldato (II) / Ardito (III) / Ardito d'Assalto (IV) / Ardito d'Elite (V) = Italy: Stronger than the regular Rifleman tree, they've also a bonus attack against no-regular units. More expensive than their counterparts, though.
20. Tankette (IV) / Heavy Tankette (V) = Fascist Italy: They replace the Halftrack. They cannot carry soldiers, but they are faster and better against other vehicles.
21. Ninja (I) = Feudal Japan / Japan: The first spy of the game, upgrades automatically in Age III.
22. Mini-Submarine (IV) / Elite Mini-Submarine (V) = Feudal Japan / Japan: An option to the regular Submarine. Smaller, weaker and cheaper.
23. Nakajima Ki-27 (IV) / A6M4 Zero Fighter (V) = Feudal Japan / Japan: They replace the regular Fighters. Can be produced in Carriers as well as in Airports. Are faster but have a slighty lower attack than the regular Fighters.
24. Samurai Cavalry (II) / Ranged Samurai Cavalry (III) = Feudal Japan / Japan: They replace the regular Cavalry. Are slow and more expensive, but are stronger and with a better attack.
25. Ha-Go Tank (IV) / Ke-Nu Tank (V) = Feudal Japan: Replaces the Tank tree. They're cheaper, but have less speed and very slow fire rate.
26. Chi-Ha Tank (IV) / Chi-Nu Tank (V) = Japan: They replace the regular Tank tree. These tanks are cheaper and occupy less pop slots than the regular ones, but have less armor and attack too.
27. Mark V Tank (III) / Crusader Tank (IV) / Cromwell Tank (V) = United Kingdom / Commonwealth: They replace the regular Tank tree. These tanks have a bonus attack against other Tanks and vehicles.
28. Sopwith Camel (II) / Spitfire (IV) / Spitfire Mark XIX (V) = United Kingdom / Commonwealth: They replace the regular Fighters tree. These units are more resistent than the regular Fighters, but have less attack.
29. Vicker Gun (III) / Heavy Vicker Gun (IV) / Elite Vicker Gun (V) = United Kingdom: Unique upgrade to the Gattling Gun. Has less hitpoints but a higher attack.
30. Commando (IV) / Elite Commando (V) = Commonwealth: An option to the spies. They've the same rule as the Agents and such, but also have the habilities of sabotage and crackshot, that can be very usefull against enemy buildings or strong units.
31. Tsar Tank (III) / T 34/76 (IV) / T 34/85 (V) = Russia / USSR: They replace the regular Tank tree. These tanks are faster, cheaper, but also weaker and have a slighty lower attack than the regular ones.
32. Anti-Tank Grenadier (IV) / Elite Anti-Tank Grenadier (V) = Russia / USSR: They replace the regular Bazooka tree. They're cheaper but have less attack.
33. Tsar Guard (IV) / Elite Tsar Guard (V) = Russia: They replace the Riflemen tree. They've more hitpoints but are slower to train than the regular units.
34. Red Guard (IV) / Elite Red Guard (V) = USSR: They replace the Riflemen tree. Are cheaper, faster to train, but weaker.
35. Sherman Tank (IV) / Sherman 105 Tank (V) = USA / Confederacy: They replace the regular Tank tree. These tanks are cheaper, but have less hitpoints than the regular ones.
36. P-40 Kittyhawk (IV) / P-51 Mustang (V) = Confederacy / USA: They replace the Fighters tree. These units are weaker, but has an higher attack than the regular ones.
37. Mounted Rifleman (III) / Jeep (IV) / Elite Jeep (V) = USA: An option to the Halftrack tree. They're cheaper but weaker too. The Mounted Riflemen that are in game during the advance to Age IV are automatically upgrated, and since then you cannot create them anymore.
38. Hunley Sub (II) / Barracuda Sub (III) / Gato Sub (IV) = Confederacy: They replace the Submarines tree and are avaliable since the Age II. The advantage is that they upgrade automatically.
39. Habib (I) = Ottoman Empire / Turkey: An option to the regular Citizen. He's weaker, has no attack and can't build, but is cheaper too.
40. Camel Merchant (II) / Caravan Merchant (III) / Truck Merchant (IV) / Transport Merchant (V) = Ottoman Empire / Turkey: Just like in AoM and previous AoE's this unit is built in the Train Station and can trade with the Town Centers. The limit is 1 per Age.
41. Imam (II) = Ottoman Empire / Turkey: They replace the Chaplains. Are slighty more expensive, but they heal faster and have a decent attack.
42. Monitor (II) / Armored Monitor (III) / Battlecruiser (IV) / Heavy Battlecruiser (V) = Ottoman Empire / Turkey: They replace the Cruiser and the Ironclad trees. Are like a mix between the two lines. They have less hitpoints than a regular ship, but are cheaper and good for coastal bombardments. The Battlecruiser and Heavy Battlecruiser can catapult a Seaplane.
43. Seaplane (IV) / Advanced Seaplane (V) = Ottoman Empire / Turkey: A small plane without attack that can be created and launched from a Battlecruiser. It's a recon unit that lasts a small time before it goes away. You can train another one after that. Upgrades automatically when the ship is upgrated, receiving more hitpoints, operational range and time of life.
44. Bombard Cannon (II) / Bombard Artillery (III) / Heavy Bombard Artillery (IV) / Elite Bombard Artillery (IV) = Ottoman Empire: They replace the regular Cannon tree. They've more range, are more expensive and have a bonus against ships.
45. Grenadier (II) / Granade Thrower (III) / Heavy Granade Thrower (IV) / Elite Granade Thrower (V) = Turkey: They replace the Flame Throwers. They're more expensive but have more hitpoints and an area damage.
Unit (Age) = allied: description

1. Nomad (II) / Papyrus boat (III) = Arab Tribes: A kind of villager. Cheaper, weaker, but with normal gathering rate.
2. Beduin (II) / Rifle Beduin (III) / Infantry Beduin (IV) / Elite Infatry Beduin (V) = Arab Tribes: Like the Rifleman tree, but weaker and with much more LOS.
3. Anzac (II) / Anzac Rifleman (III) / Anzac Infantry (IV) / Elite Anzac Infantry (V) = Australia: Like the Rifleman tree unit, but they're weaker and cheaper. However, they become stronger in numbers, like the Tashunke Prowlers work in AoE3.
4. Patrol Ship (II) / Armored Patrol Ship (III) / Heavy Patrol Ship (IV) / Elite Patrol Ship (V) = Australia: A small ship that can fish and spot Submarines. Just like a mini-Destroyer, but without anti-aerial bonus.
5. Light Mortar (II) / Medium Mortar (III) / Elite Light Mortar (IV) / Elite Medium Mortar (V) = Belgium: Replaces the Mortar. They've less range but higher attack and speed.
6. Bulgari Cannon (II) / Bulgari Artillery (III) / Heavy Bulgari Artillery (IV) / Elite Bulgari Artillery (V) = Bulgary: An artillery unit good against other artillery units. It also has more range than regular artillery, but less attack.
7. Boxer (II) / Rifle Boxer (III) / Heavy Rifle Boxer (IV) / Elite Rifle Boxer (V) = China: The early unit fights in melee mode for default, and has an excelent melee and area damage. The later ones make a good use of rifles, but when in melee still are better. They're good against most cavalry, infantry and Citizens.
8. Partisan (II) / Partisan Rifleman (III) / Partisan Infantry (IV) / Elite Partisan Infantry (V) = Croatia: Infantry unit, just like the Riflemen tree units, but cheaper and weaker.
9. Camel Rider (II) / Heavy Camel Rider (III) / Desert Combat Vehicle (IV) / Elite Desert Combat Vehicle (V) = Egypt: Good against infantry and Citizens. Has a huge LOS and a machine gun.
10. Finish Soldier (II) / Ski Soldier (III) / Heavy Ski Soldier (IV) / Elite Ski Soldier (V) = Finland: An Rifleman kind unit, but using skis. Will only appear in northern maps when they'll have snow. Their ski stuff let them move very quicker than any other infantry unit.
11. Evzone Fusilier (II) / Evzone (III) / Evzone Bazooka (IV) / Elite Evzone (V) = Greece: Good against vehicles, like the Maghine Guns, but with slighty different stats.
12. Soldaat (II) / Elite Soldaat (III) / Dutch Resistence (IV) / Elite Dutch Resistence (V) = Netherlands: A cross between a Civilian and a Fusilier. An unit good against Cavalry and resistent to Vehicles that also can collect resources, but cannot build or work in Factories and Mills.
13. Norwegian Fusilier (II) / Norwegian Anti-Tank Unit (III) / Norwegian Bazooka (IV) / Elite Norwegian Bazooka (V) = Norway: An anti-vehicles unit, similar to the regular Fusilier tree, but with slighty different stats.
14. Courland Lancer (II) / Elite Courland Lancer (III) / Light Tank (IV) / Elite Light Tank (V) = Poland: Good against all infantry units. Very weaker than regular Tanks though.
15. Zamburak (II) / Gatling Camel (III) / Al-Quair Armoured Car (IV) = Persia: Heavy Cavalry unit with slow movement and rapid-fire gun.
16. Serbian Skirmisher (II) / Serbian Rifleman (III) / Serbian Infantry (IV) / Serbian Elite Infantry (V) = Serbia: A Rifleman tree kind unit, but with stealth hability.
17. Atirador (II) / Atirador de Elite(III) / Francoatirador (IV) / Francoatirador de Elite (V) = Spain: Just like the snipers, but with slighty different stats.
18. Swedish Saboteur (II) / Swedish Flame Thrower (III) / Heavy Flame Thrower (IV) / Elite Flame Thrower (V) = Sweden: An unit very good against buildings and more resistent against infantry, but not so good against vehicles as the regular Flame Thrower.
19. Banker (II) = Swiss: Ok, the Swiss were neutral during both WWs. Due this they sites support two Embassies, one of each civ. And you cannot destroy the enemy Embassy in their site, or you'll loose your own too. The Banker is an unit that can be garrissoned inside a Bank of yours to make it produce more Money. But it is allowed only one per Bank.
20. Foreign Volunteer (III) / Volunteer Infantry (IV) / Volunteer Machine Gun (V) = Conscript Center: Unit avaliable in the Conscript Center that has more hitpoints than regular units and is good against other infantry.
21. Captured Unit (III) / Heavy Captured Unit (IV) / Elite Captured Unit (V) = Conscript Center: An random enemy Unique Unit that you can use.
22. Monoplane (III) / Volunteer Fighter (IV) / Advanced Volunteer Fighter (V) = Conscript Center: You get this unit in the Conscript Center, but you've to assign it to an Airport or Carrier to it work. It's like a Fighter Bomber, but with more hitpoints and avaliable to operate in land.
23. Dissident (III) / Heavy Dissident (IV) / Elite Dissident (V) = An random enemy Allied Unit that join your side due his ideological view.
24. Saboteur (IV) / Elite Saboteur (V) = Conscript Center: An elite unit like the british Commando, but with less hitpoints and more attack. Good to sneak in enemy bases and take down buildings.
Unit (Age) = nation: description
All these units upgrade for free.

1. Corvette (III) / Heavy Corvette (IV) / Elite Corvette (IV) = All Nations: Smaller than a Destroyer, faster and weaker. Good against civil ships, Submarines and with a descent attack against other ships. They lack the anti-aerial defense though.
2. Veteran (IV) / Skilled Veteran (V) = All Nations: A Rifleman like unit, but stronger, with more hitpoints and attack.
3. Foreign Officer (IV) / Elite Officer (V) = Austria-Hungary: An unit with a very short range, but a huge attack and area damage. Can also boost the nearby units rate of fire.
4. Striker Bazooka (IV) / Elite Striker Bazooka (V) = Hungary: Replace the Bazooka tree. They have a higher attack against vehicles and buildings, but are more expensive too.
5. Zouave (II) / Elite Zouave (III) / Foreign Legionaire (IV) / Elite Legionaire (V) = France: An option to the Riflemen tree. They're weaker than their counterparts, but they also cost less.
6. Foreign Support (IV) / Elite Foreign Support (V) = Vicci France: Random unit from any other playable country that will support your army. They can be a Vehicle or Artillery piece... who knows what will come next shipment?
7. V2 Missile (V) = Germany / Nazi Germany: An unique Missile. They have to be assigned to a Missile Laucher. They've a higher area damage and can carry an Atomic Bomb.
8. Ketterkrad (IV) / Elite Ketterkrad (V) = Germany: An option to the regular Halftrack. Good against all infantry and artillery, but weak against other units.
9. 88 mm. Flak Gun (IV) / Elite 88 mm. Flak Gun (V) = Nazi Germany: An unique Flak Gun that can shot airplanes as well as infantry.
10. Askary Skirmisher (II) / Askari (III) / Askari Infantry (IV) / Elite Askari Infantry (V) = Italy: A very weak and very cheap Rifleman kind unit.
11. Soldato Alpini (II) / Alpine (III) / Alpine Pesante (IV) / Alpine d'Ellite (V) = Fascist Italy: A Rifleman kind unit, very expensive, but with more hitpoints and very resistent to building and artillery fire.
12. Ki-115 Tsurugi (IV) / Ki-116 (V) = Feudal Japan / Japan: It's a Kamikaze Fighter, with more hitpoints that can operate from Carriers or airports. When the shipment arrives, you've to assign them to where you want they operate from.
13. Asian Corporal (II) / Asian Rifle Corporal (III) / Asian Infantry (IV) / Elite Asian Infantry (V) = United Kingdom / Commonwealth: Like regular Riflemen, but slighty weaker.
14. Anzac Machine Gun (III) / Anzac Heavy Machine Gun (IV) / Anzac Elite Machine Gun (V) = United Kingdom / Commonwealt: Like the regular Machine Gun, but with a different name.
15. Higlander (II) / Highlander AT Unit (III) / Highlander Bazooka (IV) / Highlander Elite Bazooka (V) = United Kingdom: An stronger and more expensive Bazooka kind unit.
16. African Trooper (IV) / African Elite Trooper (V) = Commonwealth: Like regular Riflemen, but with more LOS and less hitpoints.
17. Indian Mine Sweeper (IV) / Elite Indian Mine Sweeper (V) = Commonwealth: An unit with only a decent attack and hitpoints. They're like the Rifleman tree, but resistent to defensive buildings attack and artillery. They also don't loose hitpoints when crossing Trenches.
18. Canadian Assault Infantry (IV) / Elite Canadian Assault Infantry (V) = Commenwealth: Allies from Canada that are like the Riflemen, but weaker and with more attack.
19. B-17 Bomber (IV) / XB-19 Bomber (V) = Confederacy / USA: Bombers with more hitpoints an higher defense against enemy Fighters.
20. Doughboy (III) / G.I. (IV) / Elite G.I. (V) = Confederacy: Like the regular Rifleman, but very weaker and very cheaper.
21. Mariner (III) / Heavy Mariner (IV) / Elite Mariner (V) = USA: A Rifleman kind unit, but with more hitpoints and bonus against military buildings.
22. Comrade (II) = Russia / USSR: A kind of Citizen. They can only be sent in form of shipments. They're gather like the regular Citizens, but are stronger.
23. Yak 1 Fighter (IV) / Yak 3 Fighter (V) = Russia: Weaker than the regular Fighters, but with a better attack against other air units.
24. Siberian Rifleman (III) / Siberian Infantry (IV) / Siberian Elite Infantry (V) = USSR: An elite infantry, with more hitpoints and attack than the regular one.
25. Ajemi Nizami (II)/ Cemaat Nizami (III)/ Aga Nizami (IV)/ Beylik Nizami (V) = Ottoman Empire / Turkey: Like a Fusilier tree unit, but weaker, cheaper and lower attack.
26. Muslim Volunteer (II) / Muslim Rifleman (III) / Muslim Infantry (IV) / Muslim Heavy Infantry (V) = Ottoman Empire / Turkey: Like a Riflemen tree unit, but with less hitpoints and attack.
27. Mameluke Raider (II) / Mameluke Rifle Raider (III) / Mameluke Machine Gun Raider (IV) / Armored Mameluke Raider (V) = Ottoman Empire: An unit good against Citizens, enemy allied units and shipment units.
28. Arab Bike Infantry (IV) / Arab Elite Bike Infantry (V) = Turkey: Like the Riflemen tree, but they use a bicycle to quickly move from one place to another.
Tech (Age) = researched at: description

1. Telegrafh (I) = Town Center: Citizen and Commander speed 10% increased.
2. Bicicle (II) = Town Center: Citizens gather all resources 10% faster.
3. Telephone (II) = Town Center: Citizen, Commanders and buildings LOS increased in 10%.
4. Winchester (II) = Town Center: Citizen has the attack and hitpoints increased +10%.
5. Commercial Plantation (II) = Mill: Citizens gather food from Mill 10% faster.
6. Skilled Workers (II) = Factory: Citizens working in Factories produce 10% faster.
7. Needle Guns (II) = Military Academy: Riflemen and Marksmen tree rate of fire and attack increased +10%.
8. Minie Bullet (II) = Barracks: Range of all infantry units and Citizens increased in 30%.
9. Seed Selection (III) = Mill: Citizens gather food from Mill 10% faster.
10. Civil Aviation (III) = Town Center: All no-military units receive +20% speed.
11. War Mail (III) = Town Center: All military units are produced 10% faster.
12. Capitalism Theory (III) = City Hall: All factories and bank production rate increased in 10%. You can build one more Factory and Bank than the limit allowed. Once researched, you can't research Socialism or Fascism.
13. Fascism Theory (III) = City Hall: All military units receive 10% more hitpoints. Once researched, you can't research Socialism or Capitalism.
14. Socialism Theory (III) = City Hall: Citizens gather all resources 10% faster. Once researched, you can't research Capitalism or Fascism.
15. Confession (III) = Church: Chaplain and Bishop boost area increased +2.
16. Financial Speculation (III) = Bank: Lets you build one more bank.
17. Taxation (III) = Bank: The Banks rate of Money generation is 10% increased.
18. Discret Uniform (III) = Barracks: All infantry units receive +10% hitpoints.
19. Carrier Pingeons (III) = University: All military units have +10% speed.
20. Cinema (III) = University: Citizens are created 10% faster.
21. Chemical Warfare (III) = University: All your units receive a +10% bonus against enemy entrenched units.
22. Eletricity (III) = University: All buildings receive +10% LOS.
23. Gas Mask (III) = University: All your entrenched units receive +10% hitpoints.
24. Parachute (III) = University: All air transport units have +10% speed and hitpoints.
25. Radio (III) = University: All units receive +10% LOS.
26. Truck (III) = University: Civilians gather all resources 10% faster.
27. Production Line (III) = Factory: Citizens working in Factories produce 10% faster.
28. Sindicate (III) = Factory: The limit of Citizens allowed to work in a Factory is increased by 25%.
29. New Tactics (III) = Command Camp: All Unique Units receive +10% attack.
30. Mechanized Cavalry (IV) = Command Camp: Upgrades all remaining Cavalry to Halftracks. The cost of the research depends of how many Cavalry units you still have in play.
31. Condecorations (IV) = Headquarter: All Unique Units receive +10% hitpoints.
32. Promotion (IV) = Headquarter: The Commander receives +50% hitpoints and attack.
33. Camouflage (IV) = Military Academy: Stealthy units are harder to spot.
34. Advanced Refinary (IV) = University: Citizens of Ships collecting oil gather 10% faster.
35. Code Language (IV) = University: All military units receive +10% speed.
36. Mine Sweeping (IV) = University: All your units when crossing enemy Trenchs loose less hitpoints.
37. Modern Architeture (IV) = University: All no-military buildings cost 10% less and are 10% stronger.
38. Radar (IV) = University: Anti-aerial units and buildings have 10% more attack and LOS.
39. Relativity Theory (IV) = University: All units receive +5% hitpoints.
40. Sonar (IV) = University: Destroyers and Submarines can spot enemy Submarines at a higher range.
41. Bonus of War (IV) = Bank: The Banks rate of Money generation is 10% increased.
42. Serial Production (IV) = Factory: Citizens working in Factories produce 10% faster.
43. Mass Production (V) = Factory: Citizens working in Factories produce 10% faster.
44. National Hero (V) = Military Base: The Commander receives +100% hitpoints and attack.
45. Plastic (V) = University: Citizens gather all resources 10% faster.
46. Jet Fuel (V) = Univesity: Increase the range of Missiles and the speed of Jet Fighters in 10%.
47. Rockets (V) = University: Increase the damage of Fighters and Fighter Bombers in 10%.
48. Shared Allied Technologies (V) = Capitol: You grant acess to allied Unique Techs.
Tech (Age) = nation: description

1. Dual Nation (IV) = Austria-Hungary: Austria-Hungarian unique units are 10% cheaper.
2. Split Empire (IV) = Hungary: All the units shipments can be send twice.
3. Brave Resistence (IV) = France: Conscript Centers, Embassies and allied units have 10% more hitpoints.
4. Light City (IV) = France: Civil buildings are 10% cheaper.
5. Advanced Diplomacy (IV) = Vicci France: Conscript Centers, Embassies and allied units are 10% cheaper.
6. Grand Prix (IV) = Vicci France: All shipments arrive 25% faster.
7. Nationalist Ressentiment (IV) = Germany: All air units are upgrated for free.
8. Blitzgrieg (IV) = Nazi Germany: All land units move 10% faster.
9. Propaganda (IV) = Nazi Germany: All military units train 10% faster.
10. Resocialization (I) = Italy / Fascist Italy: The Commander and the Bishops can convert guardians.
11. Italian Vine (II) = Italy / Fascist Italy: The player receives a small and free trickle of food and Money incoming.
12. Papal Neutrality (IV) = Italy: All Bishops receive +10% hitpoints and convert 10% faster.
13. Black Shirts (IV) = Fascist Italy: All Infantry units are 10% faster trained.
14. Samurai Spirit (IV) = Feudal Japan: Increase all the military units hitpoints in 10%.
15. Kamikaze Calling (IV) = Japan: All air and naval units receive a crackshot like abillity. When it's used, you can trhrow the unit against any enemy unit or building and the damage will be proportional to the hitpoints of the kamikaze unit. Sometimes one single kamikaze will sink a ship or take a building down.
16. British Crown (II) = United Kingdom / Commonwealth: All resources shipments are 30% increased. Just like the Silk Road of AoE3.
17. Tsarist Taxation (IV) = Russia: Banks, Mills and Factories produce 10% faster.
18. Wealth Redistribution (IV) = USSR: All Citizens and Comrades produce and gather 10% faster.
19. Marshall Plan (III) = USA: Citizens gathering or working in Factories produce 5% faster.
20. Confederate Assembly (III) = Confederacy: All Unique Units are 10% cheaper.
21. National Religion (II) = Ottoman Empire / Turkey: All units receive a bonus attack against enemy Chaplains and Bishops.
22. Jihad (III) = Ottoman Empire / Turkey: All alied or shipment units are 25% cheaper.
23. Commercial Tradition (IV) = Ottoman Empire: All Trains deliver a greater ammount of resources in Turkey Train Stations.
24. Strategic Localization (IV): Turkey: You can exchange any resource for any other by the same price.
XV - X-PACK (New Fronts)
1. Possible playable nations to be in x-pack:




2. Possible allies in the x-pack:
New Zealand

3. Possible maps in the x-pack:
Brazilian Coast
Iberic Peninsula
Middle East
City Battle Zone

1. Allan Quaterman Shall Never Dye: Gives you an unit armed with a rifle and a pistol that has 10.000 hitpoints.
2. The War of the Worlds is not Only a Fiction Novel: Gives you an powerful UFO.
3. Walt Disney Will Conquer the World: Gives you a Mickey Mouse unit armed with a big eraser that erase any unit from the game.
4. The Quest for the Ubersoldner has Already Begun: Gives you a Captain America unit.
5. The End is Near! The End is Coming!!!: A meteor shower will fall randomly over the entire map.
6. Whe Had a Little Problem With the Manhattan Project: A big nuke will destroy your main city.
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Re: Age of Empires 4

Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:48 pm

Yeah, no way in hell the game's gonna randomly include half of the 19th century and half of the 20th century.

The very concept of it sounds inviable and completly incoherent.
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Re: Age of Empires 4

Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:30 pm

Off-topic, but are you the arcanjo zero that used to be a volunteer with the mod many years ago?
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Re: Age of Empires 4

Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:47 pm

My idea of AoE 4 is very good and creative and I know it has 70 or 80% chance of being implemented.
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Re: Age of Empires 4

Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:30 pm

spoiler: nothing he said will be implemented
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Re: Age of Empires 4

Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:19 am

I cringe
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Re: Age of Empires 4

Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:36 pm

Let's stop here before we get too far.
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Re: Age of Empires 4

Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:31 pm

this is what i have told about aoe 4. Arcanjo Zero . Of course it's a plan that everyone doesn't know until aoe 4 is finally released. maybe the great war age may use some part of this, however
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Re: Age of Empires 4

Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:21 pm

To be honest, it would be unexpected if WW1 or WW2 even was not included in Aoe4 since it represents the next notable change in warfare beyond the colonial and civil war period touched upon in Aoe3, though some references to the victorian era may be the basis of the 1st or 2nd age. The broadest they could go is from victorian or the end of the cold war.
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Re: Age of Empires 4

Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:41 pm

this idea is great!

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