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We hope you enjoy the official new forum of the Wars of Liberty mod for Age of Empires III! Visit this thread to get acquainted with the new forum, and let us know if there's anything we can fix. Feel free to dismiss this message at any time by clicking the "X" in the top right corner.

The Wars of Liberty Team

User ranks

Rank image Rank title Minimum posts
Cricket Cricket 0
Mooing Cow Mooing Cow 1
Whipped Slave Whipped Slave 5
Roto Roto 10
Paisano Paisano 15
Fur Trader Fur Trader 20
Villero Villero 25
Jesuit Priest Jesuit Priest 30
Architect Architect 35
Master Engineer Master Engineer 40
Guerrillero Guerrillero 50
Voluntário da Pátria Voluntário da Pátria 60
Pistolero Pistolero 70
Lassador Lassador 80
Carabinier Carabinier 90
Bacamartier Bacamartier 100
Cangaceiro Cangaceiro 110
Insurgente Insurgente 120
Blandengue Blandengue 130
Independentista Independentista 140
Gaucho Gaucho 160
Acá-Caraya Acá-Caraya 180
Huampelen Huampelen 200
Hussar Hussar 220
Texas Ranger Texas Ranger 240
Dragoon Dragoon 260
Waler Horse Waler Horse 280
Cassador Montado Cassador Montado 300
Horse Grenadier Horse Grenadier 320
Lanceiro da Independência Lanceiro da Independência 340
Firebrand Firebrand 380
Aspide Aspide 420
Naffatun Naffatun 460
Pasavolante Pasavolante 500
Hwacha Hwacha 540
Parrot Parrot 580
Pom-Pom Pom-Pom 620
Pedrero Pedrero 660
Mountain Gun Mountain Gun 700
Cañón Dorado Cañón Dorado 740
Gunboat Gunboat 800
Caravel Caravel 900
Corvette Corvette 1000
Galleon Galleon 1100
Turtle Ship Turtle Ship 1200
Frigate Frigate 1300
Monitor Monitor 1400
Bomb Ketch Bomb Ketch 1500
Ironclad Ironclad 1600
Dreadnought Dreadnought 1700
Officer Officer 2000
Captain Captain 2500
General General 3000
Coronel Coronel 3500
Deputy Deputy 4000
Senator Senator 4500
Minister Minister 5000
Prime Minister Prime Minister 7500
Revolutionary Leader Revolutionary Leader 9999
Emperor Emperor 10000