The Team

We are the War of the Triple Alliance Team - a group of Age of Empires fans who love this game, this genre, and this history so much that we spend a lot of time on this free modification we call Wars of Liberty. We have never profited from it, and we don't charge anyone. All we want is for you to share in the joy that the Age of Empires series brings for us.




Tahattus, Hoop Thrower, Dayoftheninja, Musketeer925, Tzommar, Daniel Pereira, Takatmo Yereoc

Textures and User Interface

Tahattus, Alex Julio, Jangomango, Sziggi, Huanglukuzhu, Matthew Sher, Tilanus Commodor, Betelgeuse77, Peugeot407, Kingstiven, Will, PredatoR, Bruno Cesar, Tzommar, Fenriz, Persian_Fusilier

3D modeling

Tahattus, Alex Julio, Arcalion, Zany76, Jangomango, Peugeot407, PredatoR

Random Map scripting

Sufjanfan, Tahattus, RF_Gandalf, Shayne Thiessen, Felix Hermansson, Will

Research and bug finding

Christos, Takatmo Yereoc, Musketeer925, Jutlander




Tahattus, DayoftheNinja

Intro Theme

Jeremy Ng - YouTube Channel


You can contact the team by joining our forums. We understand English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, French and German (whew!). But we prefer English whenever possible.

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